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Price: $101.00USD

Double Ended Dreadlock and Braids Extensions.
Rose gold orange ombre (crimson ginger ombre), Synthetic Dreads. Crocheted with free ends. With beads and
thread winding

Products Tiny print:
* Colors – Rose gold orange ombre (crimson ginger ombre)
* Field materials – Fabricated from top quality kanekalon synthetic hair.
* Length DE – 100-140 cm (50-70 cm folded).
* Thickness – 0.9-1 cm
* Texture – crocheted with free ends. With braids
* Amount – You might maybe maybe maybe be in a space to resolve between 10 to 60 double ended or 20 to 140 single ended dreads.

10 de – 1 braid, 9 dreads
20 de – 2 braids, 18 dreads

60 de – 6 braids, 54 dreads

We tell to train 50 – 60 DE (100-120 SE) dreads for braiding the entire head or 20 – 30 DE (40-60 SE) as soon as you happen to will have gotten shaved temples. It relies on the characteristics of your hair.

Dreads are usable for 1,5-2 months. Fundamentally it relies on how briskly your natural hair develop. The dreads are unbraided painlessly and might maybe maybe be weak more than one time. Your hair will be excellent.
That you might maybe maybe match to the ocean sail or swimming. Expend your odd shampoo with water. Dry with a fan on the distance or with out a fan at all. You don’t ought to misfortune too mighty about washing the dreads because they are product of synthetic fiber and don’t in actuality attract oil and grime.

Genuinely be at liberty to message me as soon as you happen to will have gotten got any questions.


• Processing time
Dreads are „made to reveal“ merchandise and might maybe maybe be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks after buying.
• Estimated birth time relies on the distance of your nation.
Fundamentally, it takes 9-15days to advance for your reveal (USA) and 2-3 weeks for one other nations
• Custom orders gradually welcome!
Enjoy these nevertheless not exactly? You might maybe maybe maybe be in a space to reveal diverse types, quantity, length, and color of dreads. Genuinely be at liberty to jot down with particulars 🙂

(!!!) Be cautious! The shade of dreadlocks might maybe maybe fluctuate by 1-3 tones. It relies on the settings of your telephone or pc video display.

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Worth: $13.00EUR


Made to Enlighten
Huge Tender & Stretchy cotton jersey with elastain

In vogue, versatile – Dreadband, Updo Band, Cycling Veil, Hippie Headband, Yoga Band, Seaside wearing, Exercise Boho moments, Festival or lawful right thru the dwelling.
– supreme to full any look

Dimensions: Tube length aprox. 45cm ( 17,7″)

Check my heaps of listings for more headbands with sample , outlandish multistrand headbands and hundreds more.


I glean funds thru pay pal and bank cards thru order checkout.


Iship WORLDWIDE with Recent registered birth technique (upgrade to DHL categorical at checkout for faster birth for US and worldwide and GLS for Europe)

Recent mail Offer approx. 12-21 alternate days

Allege by DHL – 2-5 days Worldwide or bit longer for extraordinarily distant nations.

Contact me:

Please contact me in case of any extra questions it is likely you’ll well per chance need or relating to the aquire.

I am at your fat disposal. when it is likely you’ll well per chance per chance also per chance be sad with the aquire in any technique I am right here for you to fetch to the bottom of any area. Detrimental feedback doesn't attain lawful to no one. It can well handiest ruin my alternate whilst you fetch nothing. I am a extraordinarily moderately priced person and ought to attain one thing else to do you a delighted customer. Thanks.

Return Protection :

Whenever it is likely you’ll well per chance per chance also per chance be no longer glad for any motive with the product to salvage please contact us internal 7 days for money back. Return birth is accountability of the patrons. Transport and handing charges are no longer refundable.

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Mark: $9.20EUR


Made to Expose Production.
Sizable Delicate & Stretchy viscose jersey material.

Accepted, versatile – Dreadband, Updo Band, Biking Cover, Hippie Headscarf, Yoga Band, Beach wearing, Divulge Boho moments, Pageant or honest round the residence.
– excellent to total any thought

Dimensions: Tube length aprox. 45cm ( 17,7″)

Take a look at my other listings for more headbands with pattern , odd multistrand headbands and much more.


I settle for funds by pay buddy and credit ranking cards by say checkout.


I ship WORLDWIDE Fashioned shipping (enhance to precedence for faster transport, and a tracking number ) shipping on the identical or latest on the next switch day, after receiving cleared fee. For any other system of cargo please contact me.

Fashioned mail (Economy)
Shipping approx. 21 working day
Registered Airmail (Priority with tracking) Shipping approx. 12 working days.

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Please contact me in case of any further questions that it is doubtless you’ll presumably need or referring to the acquisition.

I’m at your stout disposal. whenever you happen to are sad with the acquisition in any system I’m here for you to resolve any effort. Opposed concepts doesn't pause correct to no one. It would easiest hurt my switch whereas you accumulate nothing. I’m a truly affordable person and must pause anything to form you a happy customer. Thank you.

Return Protection :

Whereas you are no longer pleased for any reason with the product you bought please contact us inner 7 days for a refund. Return shipping is accountability of the investors. Shipping and handing funds are no longer refundable.

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Mark: $38.00USD

Loc Band Dreadlock Accent With Adinkra Print

The Loc Band is a rapid and simple capability to vogue your dreadlocks. Fabricated from stretchy polyester, the Loc Band fits snugly over your dreadlocks, keeping them in diagram all day long. No more wrapping your dreadlocks into a turban – simply tuck them into the Loc Band and you're upright to head.

The Loc Band is also supreme for drowsing in. This can reduction your dreadlocks from getting being pulled and yanked while drowsing , so that you just should maybe to find up along with your dreadlocks attempting its finest.

The Loc Band is on hand in a fluctuate of colours, so that you just should maybe resolve person that suits your vogue. It's also machine-washable, so it's easy to assist properly-kept.


Fabricated from stretchy polyester
Fits snugly over dreadlocks
Keeps dreadlocks in diagram all day long
Very most realistic for drowsing in
Accessible in a fluctuate of colours

.Mercurial and simple to vogue
.Keeps dreadlocks lint free
.Makes drowsing with dreadlocks more pleased
.Appears to be like nice

95% polyester, 5% elastane (fabric composition could maybe fluctuate by 1%)

Fabric weight: 6.19 oz.yd² (210 g/m²), weight could maybe fluctuate by 5%

Breathable fabric

Four-capability stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the spoiled and lengthwise grains

Washable and reusable

One size

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Ticket: $64.90EUR

Product particulars:

•Sort – crochet dreads curly
Choices: Double Ended (DE)
It’s miles option to rep Single Ended (SE)
•Fabric – kanekalon (synthetic hair).
•Size DE – 110 cm(55 cm folded)
•Thickness – 0.5 cm

✨For entire head You wish – 50 DE
✨Whereas you happen to’ve gotten shaved sides of the pinnacle – 40 DE
✨If You may per chance maintain shaved back of the pinnacle – 40 DE
✨And if You may per chance maintain shaved sides and back of the pinnacle You wish – 30 DE

🌿This residing is amazingly tender and light!

🌿Curled subject cloth has a smal crochet dreads from the center. This is the attach apart the dreadlocks are braided, and the opposite half of stays a curl.
You per chance can braid to a size of hair from 7 -10 cm by the form of half of-eight or scandinavian admire de dreads.

🌿Dreadlocks are reusable.

🌿Needs extra care than the same old dreadlocks.

🌿 For the length of the foremost installation, tender curly dreadlocks procure naturally. On the second installation, the dreadlocks will no longer factor in admire the foremost time. They’ll factor in admire tender dreadlocks.

🌿Please, enact no longer dry your dreadlocks with a too sizzling hair dryer and abet it some distance flung from the fire.
🫧In first week, curls wants to be separated every other day. It’s miles extreme for the pure formation of curly dreadlocks.

🫧‼️Never comb Your curls!‼️

🫧 If You won't separate them, curls will tangle.
🫧 Later you Can enact this much less continuously every 3-4 days.

🫧 Wash your hair no extra than as soon as per week.
🫧 Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 10 (water)
🫧 Wearing length from 4 to 6 weeks .
Max 8 weeks

🫧Curls will support You longer, if You care about them better.

‼️📤Write me a message, so I’m in a position to send You a video about care directions‼️

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Ticket: $90.00EUR

READY TO SHIP dreadlocks made of synthetic hair in brown with emerald green and blonde coloration accents, embellished with silver coloration jewellery
Watch extra colors and kinds in my Etsy shop..

S.E. (single ends) Dreadlocks
Size: 50 cm
Thickness: 0.7- 0.9
Quantity: 20 baiscs, 20 ends
Dreadlocks are handrcrafted wtih fine quality synthetic discipline topic, light weight. Would possibly also be extinct a pair of times. Straightforward installation and removal job✨

Would possibly also be customized along with your dimension, thickness, quantity and coloration. Contact me to originate a personalised speak 🤍

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Tag: $20.00EUR


My headbands are made per your picture from excessive quality cotton or jersey fabric, threads for the headscarf are made by lowering the material by hand to the desired thickness.

You will gain this irregular headbands easiest here in my store, they’re my hold originate and invention. Standard and supreme to total any peek. Excellent for beach wearing, boho momets, competition or accurate all around the residence
They are appropriate for every genders.

Adjustable and mostly match to all.

Very pleased and trendy .

I even comprise nearly all imaginable colors, so please within the occasion you don't gain the list with a color or a sample you relish I 'd be bigger than pleased to receive your message for customized picture.

On this list I uncover you double strand knoted headscarf in rasta colours. FUN TO WEAR !

If you relish outlandish headbands here is the correct attach for you, try for more headbands with more width and the head scarves with two and even three cases wraps around head or neck.

Take a look at my assorted headbands HERE.

Please scroll down to read store polices.

Thank you!


I accept funds through pay friend, and whine checkout.

I ship WORLDWIDE Normal transport (attach precedence with tracking it you relish to comprise sooner transport ) Sipping on the next replace day, after receiving cleared payment. For any assorted methodology of transport please contact me.

Frequent mail (Normal) Provide approx. 21 working day
Registered Airmail (Precedence with tracking) Provide approx. 12 working days.

Contact me:
Please contact me in case of any extra questions you can wish or concerning the buy.

I am at your fat disposal. within the occasion you are depressed with the buy in any methodology I am here so that you just can resolve any field. Unfavourable solutions doesn't attain factual to no one. It could maybe maybe maybe well maybe easiest wound my replace while you accept nothing. I am a extremely cheap person and ought to calm attain something to create you a pleased customer. Thank you.

Return Coverage :

If you are not pleased for any reason with the product you bought please contact us within 7 days for money assist. Return transport is accountability of the buyers. Shipping and handing charges are not refundable.

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Price: $190.00GBP

Sad SE command with natural-taking a look beads and linen thread
Residing of 44 single-ended dreadlocks made of synthetic hair (X-pression) in jet dark colour No. 1. Braids are embellished with linen and waxed threads. Some uninteresting dreads contain linen wraps.

There are:
– twists,
– uninteresting dreads,
– chain braids,
– fish-tail braids,
– braids.

They are embellished with beads (as pictured).

Realistic dimension: 18-20 inches.
Thickness: 5-10 mm.

Dreadlocks are already made and spirited to ship.
I ship worldwide.

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Ticket: $40.00USD

An unprecedented choice for those taking a look to ascertain their root color, and herald a pop of color, these dreads are glorious for both a clip on or weave in. You are going to desire on the least one in all those versatile sets to your garb box.

Please be certain that to get yourself up to the note with our shop policies and data!

Hour of darkness Blue is a combination of black and blue.

Single Ended Loop: SE is thought of as to lay more naturally and enable for more even distribution.
Crochet Extenders: Designed for everlasting set up into the ends of your contain dreadlocks so as to add length. They attain with loose hair on the highest to crochet into the ends of your dreads!
Double Ended: DE is faster to set up and could well aid get more volume in a transient amount of time, as properly as being much less difficult for self installs. SE appreciate a loop on the discontinue which you are going to desire a latchook, or beading loop to pull your contain hair thru.

Lengths are measured from point of set up to tip, so for DE this could well be the folded length. Feel free to message us with any questions about this!

*Please speak the honest length desired, develop now no longer speak too brief after which strive to demand an extension, the costs are in keeping with how worthy field cloth in fact goes into the dreads. When you happen to develop a mistake and wish it adjusted, that's ok! Honest know there is a further rate for more field cloth. They’ll be decrease shorter if there is a specific length desired, or as soon as you desire the guidelines blunted.

The customer photo displays the thickness and length described in this itemizing, more gargantuan photos will be chanced on on our Fb web page and Instagram @dreadnaughtyhair, as soon as you are doubtful of what variety is appropriate please don't hesitate to shoot us a message! Photos are constantly priceless in this, whether or now no longer you take a look to emulate a obvious look, or match your contain hair color. When you happen to are new to synth dreads, it is some distance highly urged that you strive ordering a minute quantity or accent kit to get yourself up to the note with the burden and texture sooner than ordering a stout space. It is terribly refined to ship what this product in fact feels admire with out first hand abilities, it is some distance now no longer essentially for each person, because the title suggests these are counterfeit dreads.

Kanekalon is an extraordinarily special modacrylic developed in Japan to precisely mimic the burden, look, and if truth be told feel of valid hair whereas also assembly global standards for fire security to guard the health, security, and wellness of the person, and we also take our responsibility to develop this very seriously. This create of space is set 2 lbs, it is some distance needed to develop a factual job inserting in to distribute this evenly across the head. If after viewing our priceless videos you are peaceable doubtful about this, or would prefer to stumble on an installer to your location, there are several gargantuan teams on Fb dedicated to helping new customers, a lot like Dreadlock Kingdom and the Synthetic Fear Society, be certain that that possibilities are you’ll additionally appreciate finished your research sooner than shopping this product!

This is my stout time job, I in fact had been making dreads for over 5 years, and appreciate a BA in field cloth choice and codes. Our signature quiet sealing technique utilizes a larger warmth and stress than that utilized by most other makers, it is some distance unhealthy (owburns!) and complex, nonetheless yields an extraordinarily high quality and durable product, we question our sets to head two years with out want for resealing. That said, as soon as you get you are sad with the feel, it is some distance 100% surely on yarn of you don't admire synths typically, now no longer thanks to any fault with the product, and thus why we scamper you to speak a sample!