0.75mm Metal Crochet Hook, Fimo Handle, Apprehension Upkeep
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Price: $16.99GBP

0.75 mm Metal Crochet Hook,

For Dreads, Dreadlock Instrument,

Polymer Clay Handle

*:★:* The Apprehension Bead Shop *:★:*

Unfamiliar panic upkeep tools ~ ideal for creating and placing forward dreadlocks.

Non traipse, straight forward grip intricate hand crafted polymer clay tackle.

Enormous intricate create, hand sculpted detail. Diminutive model create.

The tackle has been sanded in 3 grades and buffed for a nice sheen attain.

These crochet hooks are no doubt happy to utilize, no slipping on the needle. Merely a no doubt like minded grip!

0.75mm hook ~ utilize it properly (have hook straight) and this will well moreover most titillating you a protracted and pleased time.

Postage is worldwide from UK.

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