100% Human Hair Dreadlocks Handmade – Single Loc
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100% Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Handmade

Locs are sold for my share.

These locs are made with 100% human hair. These dreadlock extensions in actuality feel and witness like matured, oldschool, pure grown locs. The locs can be added to fresh locs to add length or for repairs on broken locs. Each loc is handmade and abnormal.


What are the loc widths in inches?

Tiny Width = 1/8 in
Medium Width = 1/4 in
Excellent Width = 1/2 in

Can I install the loc extensions to my fresh locs?
Certain, the extensions can be added to your fresh locs for extra length.

What a total lot of lengths are you able to make the dreadlock extensions?
The dreadlock extensions can be made in a total lot of lengths starting from 3″- 25″.

How long does my pure hair also can serene be to put in the loc extensions?
The loc extensions can be installed on any hair form. For a steady installation, you wish a minimum of three inches of contemporary growth.

How operate you install loc extensions?
There are many a total lot of how to inserting in loc extensions. The handiest ingredient to operate is to search recommendation from a local loctician who specialise in inserting in loc extensions. Moreover, YouTube has some immense tutorials on how to put in loc extensions.

What roughly hair operate you use to make the loc extensions with?
The locs are made with 100% human hair.

Why does it rob so long for me to receive my loc extensions?
It takes a very long time on epic of each and each loc is made by hand. Most productive 2-5 locs can be made in a single hour.

Can I wash and situation the loc extensions?
Certain, that you would possibly want to wash and situation the loc extensions. The extensions are made with 100% human hair, attributable to this truth the extensions will react to hair product precise as your pure hair would.

Over time will the loc extensions witness and in actuality feel precise like they did after I first got them?
Certain, with steady care, extensions witness even better as they age. What makes extensions abnormal and witness and in actuality feel corresponding to precise locs, is the truth that they are made by the usage of a particular methodology that can handiest be performed by hand.

Would I be ready to search out handmade loc extensions in native beauty present stores?
It’s likely you’ll maybe maybe now not catch handmade locs at your native beauty present store.

Processing Time

All of our dreadlock extensions are handmade, custom ordered. Please allow 4-5 weeks handling time after cost.

Returns & Commerce

Attributable to the personality of the product we promote, we present out now not offer refunds but we can swap your product below sure conditions.

Please operate now not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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