100% Human Hair Textured Curly Methods Dreadloc Extensions Human Hair Dreadlocs 10 Locs Per Bundle Natural Textured Coil Tip Loc Extensions
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✋ Handmade

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Human Hair

Kings and Queens our goddess locs; distinguishable from our customary outmoded locs which technique of the free-construct explore and curly ends, all handmade and weird and wonderful. Pondering of beginning your loc stride ❤ ? We are in a position to fancy to advance wait on on the toddle. Human hair dreadlock extensions in actuality feel and explore love matured, ragged, natural grown locs. The locs might perchance perchance also also be added to new locs to add length or for repairs on broken locs. Each and each lock is particularly made for you, these Dreadlocks might perchance perchance also also be dyed and bleached.
💫pattern locs on hand ✨️

***The locs advance with loose hair on the ends to get a outlined curl pattern spray with water and styling products or twist ends and hasten away out as it is in all probability you’ll perchance along with your natural hair.**““

Processing takes 3-5 replace days or 1-2 weeks, we comprise expedite / bustle characterize on hand please send me a message to explore on hand alternatives

As soon as a equipment is marked as dropped on the ethical take care of I’m no longer accountable for refunds or replacements for misplaced orders.
Please endure in mind there don’t appear to be any cancellation after the 24 hour duration of placing the characterize


What number of locs advance in one bundle?
10 locs advance in one bundle
All of the locs are equipped in bundles.

How enact I settle the amount of bundles I would favor to aquire?

Within the event you settle your quantity at checkout, you are deciding on the preference of bundles you would actually like.

To illustrate:
Within the event you settle the amount of 1 it is in all probability you’ll perchance be placing an characterize for 1 bundle entails 10 locs.

Quantity of locs wanted for a fat head

Slight 7-12 bundles(70-120locs).
Medium 7-10 bundles (70-100locs).
Plentiful 6-8 bundles (60-80 locs)

What are the loc widths ?

Slight width=0.3- 0.4cm
Pencil Medium Width = 0.5-0.6cm

What number of locs will I want for a fat head? This relies upon the scale of your head and thickness of your hair. Most folk fetch that 70 locs will give them a fat stare a brand recent set up. Within the event you are the exercise of these as extensions, straightforward depend your locs to get a precise amount of what it is in all probability you’ll perchance want. 
Why does it taka a whereas to get the locs?
The loc extentions are handmade and it takes time to personalized construct every characterize to your specifics so production time and shipping time frames equipped are only estimates and might perchance perchance switch at any given time which technique of my new work load.
The brand new flip around time is 2-4 weeks.
Thank you for supporting my little Etsy store, which I flee on my hold your strengthen means the arena to me

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