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Designate: $26.00USD

*****Please be taught total description earlier than shopping*****

As a lot as 6 Weeks processing time. Locs take a in point of fact very long time to form, and rising 14inches from your delight in head would take years! Retain this in tips! the wait is value it!

SAMPLE 3pk(3 sizes) Ship In a WEEK.

I submit accomplished devices, and what I’m working on to my Stories @CurlyLocsLLC

(In case you delight in purchased earlier than and need extra, message me!)

Lengths confer with stretched lengths.

Counsel Notify for Beefy Head:

100-120 tiny ($7.50 per loc)
80-100 smedium ($8.00 per loc)
60-80 medium ($8.50 per loc)

** Chances are high you’ll per chance per chance need roughly. **

Loc Extensions will behave and dilapidated steady like original, pure locs.

Locs might per chance per chance also be cut again from both discontinuance to be shortened to assist out desired style for installation.

Locs are created with curly weft hair, no longer kinky bulk, light shedding in the starting is regular which potential.

Mist Locs incessantly. To refresh curly ends, while your hair is dry, dip your ends in water and conditioner. Gently detangle with fingers or comb to withhold ends loose and curly. In case you attain no longer detangle, they’re going to merely loc up naturally over time. Hair when wet is fragile, to withhold a ways flung from unintentionally pulling out ends, Attain no longer attain this when total loc is wet, steady the pinnacle that are being detangled.

Originate discontinuance for easy installation. Supreme for rapid loc crochet formula attachment. Can even be establish in briefly.

Due to the nature of product no returns, If uncertain of sizing, size, constructing, and so forth, make clear a sample loc first.

I attain catch cancellations up till make clear has shipped.

Scrutinize my work on Instagram!

🌍 I don’t shatter the Earth’s property or your cash on frivolous packaging and inserts.

🗣️No confusing language over here.

Hair companies advise misleading terms like, ”Brazilian” “Malaysian” “unprocessed” “virgin” “grade 8, 9, 10,” when the hair is none of these things. They prefer to in make clear to compete available in the market, because customers uncover these nonsensical key words. I’m also responsible of this, it’s how the seller marketed it to me, so that is the language I extinct. In case you’re procuring for hair with a manufactured curl, it will no longer be virgin or unprocessed, by definition of the note, “unprocessed”.

1) A hair grading system does no longer exists, periodt.

2) If the hair has a manufactured curl, it’s neither virgin or unprocessed.

3) ”Brazilian” “Peruvian” “Malaysian” are all misleading terms extinct to picture hair texture and is NOT where the hair is sourced. Hair most ceaselessly comes from China, India, and a couple of diversified Asian international locations.

4)Until you might per chance per chance be procuring for raw, Indian temple and/or single donor hair, it’s almost definitely no longer virgin or unprocessed hair.

I’m no longer asserting ALL vendors are being misleading, I’m asserting attain your delight in compare!


Is it 100% human hair? YES

Can I bleach to blonde? YES, but for the enjoy of God, please let me attain it🤣

Will hair final years with unbiased appropriate care? YES

Does it smell unbiased appropriate? YES

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