30-60 Loc Covers – Braid & Loc Jewelry – Loc Cuff – Fright Bead Spot – Tribal Tubes – Bead for Dreadlocks and Braids, Braid Bling, Loc Jewelry
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Imprint: $40.00USD

Intellectual handmade natural hair jewelry fabric tubes patented and produced within the US.

Nu’bien Tribal Tubes (NTTs)™ also shall be feeble to enhance braids, locs, or twists. They’re intended for on a conventional foundation prolonged-time period set on and could dramatically lengthen the lifestyles of braids or loc repairs by camouflaging the contemporary enhance because the hair grows out. They’re the ULTIMATE length retention and conserving styling tool for your hair enhance proceed.

NTTs are supreme as a present and could moreover be extinct by myself or with beads, cuffs, and a lot of hair decorations.

It’s doubtless you’ll perhaps also wash your hair with NTTs set in or uninstall them for a faster drying time. NTTs are recyclable! Ahead of and after use, merely wash and dry them as that you must garments and retailer them for future use.

Not rapid for childhood underneath 3 years extinct, due to minute parts.

This checklist is for a few Frequent (R) NTTs Coloration: Tanzanite (Royal Blue), that are approximately 3.125mm in width. Your length alternatives for this width dimension are:

Dimension 1 NTTs, that are approximately 1.5” prolonged, with a doable variance of 0.25” (L1) and attain in a pack of 60.


Dimension 3 NTTs, that are approximately 3” prolonged, with a doable variance of 0.25” (L3) and attain in a pack of 30.

In speak for you smaller single-color portions, please peep our a lot of listings.

A TOOL IS NEEDED TO INSTALL. Watch the checklist for our STARTER KIT & HAIR INSTALLATION TOOL: https://www.etsy.com/checklist/958613615/starter-package-hair-set up-tools-for?click_key=464123568d4b51e27d02c15f019a510503bca7f8%3A958613615&click_sum=0dc41ad2&ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1 which involves a sample braid of every dimension, a product handbook with our 40 color swatches, and the set up tools.

If you’ve any questions, please in point of fact be at liberty to contact me.

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