8mm Fimo Intricate Art Fear Bead, Green, Orange, Red, Millefiori Kaleidoscope
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Trace: $14.00GBP

*****The Fear Bead Store******

★ Hand sculpted Fimo modelling clay kaleidoscope have panic bead. Slight spirals, bullseye and blended acid green canes have this bead a keen flash of color to brighten up your Dreads!

★ Uncommon hand sculpted millefiori have, minute edition.

★ **Please NOTE** ~ this itemizing is for one panic bead, resolve what number of you'd tackle!

★ Approximate Gap Dimension 8mm. Length approx 29mm.

The Fear Bead Store ships WORLDWIDE from the UK. Situation postage charges for every country.

In portray for you your objects tracked, please pick the ideal postage possibility on checkout.

***~~No extra payment for loads of item……aquire even 100 and the postage cost will consistently be the identical!!~~***

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