Adinkra Hair Jewellery, Afrocentric Hair Cuffs, Procure Brass Braid, Twists & Loc Cuffs
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Adorn your braids, twists, and locs with these lovely Akan symbols. The handmade actual brass cuffs are 10 mm and adjustable. They’re hand-done and tumbled to originate sure that that the edges of the steel are subtle.

The cuffs are with out be troubled shined with a sharpening cloth or you might maybe maybe additionally resolve to enable the raw brass to naturally fabricate a patina over time.

They’re available with a collection of main, actual brass Adinkra symbols.

The Adinkra symbols pictured consist of:
Ese Ne Tekrema (teeth & tongue) – symbolizes friendship, interdependence, and strength in cohesion

Hye Obtained Hye (burn, you elevate out now not burn) – symbolizes persistence and imperishability

Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan (like continuously finds its formula home) – symbolizes the skill of like

Nsoromma (critical person, microscopic one in all the heavens, microscopic one in all God) – symbolizes guardianship; a reminder that God is the daddy and watches over all

Kwatakye Atiko (hairstyle of the Asante warrior) – represents bravery & valor

This itemizing is for one hair cuff. Please originate your option from the descend-down menu.

***Duafe, Dwennimmen, Gye Nyame, Nyame Dua, Sankofa fowl, Sankofa heart, the African continent, and a cowrie shell (confirmed within the final portray) are additionally available. You'll receive them right here:

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