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Unbelievable dreadlocks extensions from artificial hair in Sad and white colors. Double ended or single ended fear extension ready to braiding. Plump head artificial hair extension by handmade from UA braid grasp. Fright residing secure a classic thickness, nonetheless must always you desire, you are going to be ready to converse this identical residing in a skinny version I am additionally obviously originate to your individual solutions and wants to manufacture artificial dreads extensions. changing or deciding on a colour for you is in actuality free. I attain DE (Double Ended) and SE (Single Ended) dreadlocks residing from 5 to 100 DE, For beefy head that you may well like 50 De dreads extension(or 100 SE), nonetheless i suggested employ 60 DE dreads for beefy head artificial hair extension.

🙆 Must you savor to secure your dreadlocks to support you for a in actuality very long time, that you may well like to practice a few straightforward steps to love them:
– Accomplish not wear hoods, they constantly map into contact with dreadlocks and loosen them when walking
– Don't wash them normally and don't manufacture any effort. Salvage in solutions, you would possibly want to always scrub your head, not your dreadlocks.
– Accomplish not employ hair dryers and other electrical devices for drying dreadlocks. Lovely wrap in a towel and let them dry.
– Wear dreadlocks for no more than 2 months. After braiding dreadlocks, wear them for 1.5 – 2 months. Then untangle, build them in converse, give your head a few days to leisure, and braid all over again.

✨To region an converse, that you may well like to determine the length of the dreadlocks, the quantity, add them to your cart🛒, choose the provision🛫 manner and pay for the converse. I will attain every little thing else as quickly as doubtless. the maximum term for making dreadlocks will steal in to 7 days

💵Price for orders: Currently, price via the PayPal provider is rapid available. However, must always you attain not secure a PayPal yarn, you are going to be ready to pay with your credit or debit card with out signing into the machine.

✈️Supply: I raise my works in all places the area🌎 totally freed from price the employ of the area provide provider of UkrPoshta, UPS, USPS, DHL. Supply of orders takes from 10 to 30 days📆, looking on the chosen provide provider

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