Artificial dreads turquoise prolonged dreadlocks custom colour
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Imprint: $12.15USD

Artificial dreadlocks are made of synthetic fiber appears to be like take care of accurate hair.
Braiding capacity : zigzag steam sealed dreads, silky brand, soft and relaxed.
Thickness about 0.5 mm
You will have round
– 40 – 50 DE (or 70 -100 SE ) dreads for the moderate fat head of (DE) double ended dreads.
– 20 – 30 DE (or 30 – 60 SE) dreads if that you just can have shaved temples .
You might settle completely different colors from the palette.
Or a mixture of several colors. Excellent represent the colour amount in the order demonstrate.

Please demonstrate ! Attributable to video display differences, accurate colors might vary a diminutive bit from what appears to be like online.

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