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Stamp: $22.50USD

Contemporary extra or much less wavy loc extensions. Simply braid your hair spherical the locked fragment in the center and appreciate your current mermaid-like hair. The hair is amazingly soft and cosy.

A fat living is 60 double ended (DE) locs, which system there are 120 ends.
Must it’s seemingly you will need gotten very thick hair it’s seemingly you’ll also accumulate extra.
Must it’s seemingly you will need gotten an undercut or aspect shave that you just would be in a position to utilize much less.
These are thinner than most loc extensions, so accumulate about 10 extra than it’s seemingly you’ll robotically accumulate must you've feeble other synthetic loc extensions before.
Must it’s seemingly you will need gotten in particular long or short hair, that you just would be in a position to level out that in the personalization half so I will accumulate the locked fragment both longer or shorter for you. The humble living would possibly soundless match hair length from chin to a puny bit past the shoulders.
Must it’s seemingly you’ll like single ended (SE) lawful set it in the personalization half, (they are the an analogous fee) nonetheless these work most attention-grabbing double ended, the burden is the an analogous.
Models are 22 inches long, approximately mid-encourage when installed or 30 inches long, approximately hip length. The 22 in ones are remarkable more straightforward to retain.
They are extremely lightweight, a fat living is lower than a pound.
Made to stammer. Ships from the US. Allow 1-2 weeks for transport.

Fully reusable, reinstall them each 6-8 weeks.
Separate each wave each day, twice a day must you are active.
Spray and soft the waves to tremendous up any frizzy parts.
Wash your hair once a week with anti-residue shampoo.
Glimpse my Tiktok memoir for extra detailed care instructions @onyx.lox

Message must it’s seemingly you will need gotten every other questions.

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