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Ticket: $3.00USD

Beauty Brains and Loc's Sticky label is for you or somebody you’re feeling might per chance well want a reminder.

Gigantic gift for new graduate.

Add this decal to a planner, calendar, or wherever it’s good to be reminded.

Comes as a steady decal.

This Sticky label is ready to be shipped to you. Rapid Transport from North Carolina.

Roughly 3 in x 2.50 in

One decal per converse.

Please designate that this product is NOT dishwasher-safe or water-resistant. The stickers can follow most surfaces and shall be tricky to remove once placed, so please construct particular to role them without desiring to peel them off and re-adjust.

I M P O R T A N T ∙ P L E A S E ∙ R E A D ∙ F U L L Y :

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