Blonde waves with braids on the injurious Curly dreads Artificial crochet dreads extensions blonde Boho DE Dreads Curly double ended dreadlocks
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Payment: $80.00USD

New region of synthetic de dreadlock extensions (waves)

Able to ship!

Important! A brand fresh waves that will be combed with a comb!

Alternate suggestions: Double Ended (DE) Waves with braids on the injurious (without dreads)
Coloration: blonde
Lenght: about 60cm (24 inches) on the fold
Amount: 50 objects. Collectively = 100 ends. 1 apprehension = 2 ends
Weight: about 300gr.
Cloth: kanekalon (synthetic hair). Hypoallergenic self-discipline fabric.
Appropriate for partial weave 50-55DE or
60DE Extra region
Reusable curly dreadlocks.

This region is incredibly tender and gentle-weight!
Curled self-discipline fabric has a braid within the heart dreadlock. We connect our hair by bending the dreadlocks in half of from the heart to one of the halves of braid and the different half of remains.
You presumably can braid to a length of hair from 7 cm incidentally of half of-eight or scandinavian treasure de dreads.
Dreadlocks are reusable with appropriate treasure the main time. Wants extra care than the neatly-liked dreadlocks.

You’ve gotten gotten a bunch of the formulation to treasure them. There are two ways.

The most main one is already known to many, after we disassemble them by hand and within the main week they’re formed into tender dreadlocks (I may connect a detailed advice sheet).

The SECOND procedure could well presumably presumably fair be applied to this vogue, now to not others!
That you simply need to personal to brush the hair each and on every day basis, sleep with braided ends, lubricate easiest the length with masks and products with silicones, without affecting your hair and places where there is a pigtail (extra my advice shall be in parcel)

If successfully cared for – the region is reusable
Wash your head each and each 7-10 days (proportions 1/10 1 shampoo to 10 water)
At night we braid a pigtail or a bun, that you just can wear a hat or a scarf if desired.
In the morning or during the day we disassemble spins by palms. Hurry your hand from prime to backside, be triumphant in not consume a comb. You presumably could well presumably perhaps aid receive the guns with water or oil spray.

Dreads are usable for 1 – 2 months. It depends on how immediate your pure hair grows and other things. Than dreads could well presumably presumably fair be washed and intertwined consistently, they’re reusable. After two weeks of carrying the curls regain misplaced and change into treasure tender dreadlocks. On the following weave they’ll personal a extra dreadlocks gaze.

Also, be triumphant in not rub with a towel after washing. Wash your head not with hot water, however with warm water. Whilst you treasure hot baths / showers, it’s better to amass curls and quilt with a handkerchief. Hot steam and water can a chunk of weaken the curl.

Whilst you like such dreadlocks, however in a particular coloration or length – write me a message and we’ll pick them up for you. Clear palette of colours.
Estimated delievery time depends on the gap of your country.
Most regularly recurring supply takes 20-forty five days.

Also it’s predominant to buy EXPRESS DELIVERY 7-14 days (supreme write to me).

Your Lorelay)

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