Copper Red Dreadlocks | synthetic dreads cyberdreads double single ended READ ITEM DETAILS please!
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Stamp: $62.00EUR

Crochet handmade synthetic dreadlocks.
A combine of copper orange, copper, red, auburn red, mahogany red, copper yellow to kind a local that is stout of nuances.

Utterly different bundles on hand.
50 cm long.
All bundles are ready to ship.

Simply for semipermanent installation.

Thickness: About 0,6 cm diameter.
Very lightweight (stout head of fifty double ended about 400 grams)


👉🏻MINI SETS: I suggest 10 double ended or 20 single ended correct some dreads for decorating your occiput.

👉🏻SMALL PARTIAL HEAD: I suggest 20 double ended for doing a little fraction to braids or a 3-sides-shaved head.

👉🏻HALF HEAD: I suggest 30 double you will want a half of head with quantity or you would possibly actually have a 2-sides-shaved head.

👉🏻SMALL FULL HEAD : Must you would possibly even have wide bangs / little aspect shave or need much less quantity, I suggest you 40 double ended

👉🏻FULL HEAD: I suggest to aquire 50 double ended for a stout head.

👉🏻+ FULL HEAD: Must you will want extra quantity or you would possibly even have thick hair, I suggest you to aquire 50 double ended + 20 single ended

All handmade with crochet.

Decoration & rubber bands usefully for semi-permanent installation included.

For additonal info in actuality be overjoyed to contact me by way of non-public message.

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