Crochet brown and beige curly dreads Fleshy situation double ended dreadlocks Wavy and straight removable dreads and braids Custom dreads extensions
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Handmade synthetic dreadlocks. Single or double ends as you wish. All dreadlocks are fabricated from the very best quality self-discipline cloth. I will be happy to satisfy any of your requests for texture or colour, and if you occur to’d treasure a particular person portray for the amount or length of dreadlocks, you have to well well continuously write to me in non-public messages and we are able to discuss your portray with you.
I additionally contain decorations for them for free with every portray; for every portray I decide them in my opinion from the stock that I hang at the time of production. Nonetheless you have to well well trek away your individual desires for coloring your situation within the personalization window
All kits are made with the self-discipline cloth at a stable weight on your hair. Take into accout that an whole situation of dreadlocks should collected no longer exceed 550 grams on your whole head. Otherwise, it could perchance perchance well well also fair hang a detrimental originate on the smartly being of your hair.
• Additionally, end no longer put on dreadlocks for too lengthy, basically the most length is 2.5 months, after which they want to be removed, but you have to well well braid them relieve the next day. Otherwise, wearing the kit for longer than instantaneous could well well also fair now stay unsleeping in alopecia areata.
In the first week there could well well also fair be runt itching and redness. Everyone has assorted skin sensitivity. Right here’s a customary response of the skin to something fresh and incomprehensible to it. The predominant thing will not be any longer to scratch with dirty fingers; you have to well well simply wipe with a humid cloth or facial toner.
In step with your particular particular person put a query to, I will create any length and thickness
• Right here you have to well well buy wool ties on your dreadlocks.
• you have to well well additionally subscribe to my instagram
• I’d be very grateful if you occur to head away a overview of your portray in my store, it helps me originate and conjures up me to fresh tips. I additionally provide reductions on orders for traditional customers.
Care directions:
• For the first few days, don't end tight hairstyles or ponytails, let your hair salvage feeble to it.
• Attain no longer wash your dreadlocks with your head down, you have to well well also no longer be ready to rinse the roots smartly on this example. Wash them if you shower.
• Earlier than washing your hair, dilute the shampoo in half of a liter of warm water, this form you have to well well also salvage more foam and employ less time washing your hair, and the shampoo diluted in water will no longer salvage stuck within the roots and remain there as a sticky layer. After that, simply wrap them in a towel for half of an hour, then air dry or blow dry
• If these are free curls in holding with dreadlocks, then you definately should collected braid them at night. For the first 4 days, separate the strands with your fingers the utilization of a couple of drops of silicone hair oil. To forestall tangling of curls.
• Dreadlocks are fabricated from synthetic self-discipline cloth that is self-discipline to warmth treatment, if you occur to head to a sauna with high temperatures, please defend your dreadlocks with a towel. Due to sizzling temperature, they can trade their appearance (change into uneven, curls will change into even) If curly dreadlocks straighten a runt, right here’s no longer provoking. You might want to well well restore their appearance by simply braiding them in a tight braid and steaming them, and wait except they frigid down.
• In case your craftsman doesn’t know easy pointers on how to properly weave a situation for you, you have to well well seek data from me what markings and model of fastening you need to collected employ
All orders are sent from Ukraine
Delivery could well well also fair rob 1-3 weeks looking on your country location and postal provider. Please show that on holidays, start could well well also fair rob a runt longer as a result of all postal companies are very busy with parcels. I will't impression it. Nonetheless I continuously strive to decide basically the most official and fastest start manner. Delivery cases are estimates entirely and are no longer guaranteed.
If something came about to your parcel on the fashion, write to me, I will be happy to allow you salvage to the bottom of your factors. For folk that are no longer happy with the standard of your portray or the unhealthy colour or dimension, write to me and I will allow you.

By placing an portray, you agree to the overall recordsdata above, as smartly as the store's terms and stipulations.

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