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Ticket: $64.90EUR

Product particulars:

•Sort – crochet dreads curly
Choices: Double Ended (DE)
It’s miles option to rep Single Ended (SE)
•Fabric – kanekalon (synthetic hair).
•Size DE – 110 cm(55 cm folded)
•Thickness – 0.5 cm

✨For entire head You wish – 50 DE
✨Whereas you happen to’ve gotten shaved sides of the pinnacle – 40 DE
✨If You may per chance maintain shaved back of the pinnacle – 40 DE
✨And if You may per chance maintain shaved sides and back of the pinnacle You wish – 30 DE

🌿This residing is amazingly tender and light!

🌿Curled subject cloth has a smal crochet dreads from the center. This is the attach apart the dreadlocks are braided, and the opposite half of stays a curl.
You per chance can braid to a size of hair from 7 -10 cm by the form of half of-eight or scandinavian admire de dreads.

🌿Dreadlocks are reusable.

🌿Needs extra care than the same old dreadlocks.

🌿 For the length of the foremost installation, tender curly dreadlocks procure naturally. On the second installation, the dreadlocks will no longer factor in admire the foremost time. They’ll factor in admire tender dreadlocks.

🌿Please, enact no longer dry your dreadlocks with a too sizzling hair dryer and abet it some distance flung from the fire.
🫧In first week, curls wants to be separated every other day. It’s miles extreme for the pure formation of curly dreadlocks.

🫧‼️Never comb Your curls!‼️

🫧 If You won't separate them, curls will tangle.
🫧 Later you Can enact this much less continuously every 3-4 days.

🫧 Wash your hair no extra than as soon as per week.
🫧 Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 10 (water)
🫧 Wearing length from 4 to 6 weeks .
Max 8 weeks

🫧Curls will support You longer, if You care about them better.

‼️📤Write me a message, so I’m in a position to send You a video about care directions‼️

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