CUSTOM* Mandala Loc™~ ONE(1) Faux Fear Hair Wrap by DREADTOPIA~10-13mm Width/Assorted Length/Coloration/Vogue/~Made to Repeat Dreadlock Hair Wrap~
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➡️CUSTOM* Mandala Loc™~ ONE(1) Faux Fear Hair Wrap by DREADTOPIA~10-13mm Width/Assorted Length/Coloration/Vogue/~Made to Repeat Dreadlock Hair Wrap~(Pricing is per-wrap) Please enable us to know even as you'd desire a particular thickness in your wrap(s) (8-12mm). Furthermore enable us to know what colours(3-8), charms(1-4), even as you will want have *no charms*, beads as a alternative, or a aggregate, whether or no longer you desire silver/gold/bronze tone, and even as you desire your wrap on a hemp loop, or blonde/brown/shaded hair elastic or clip. Message with any questions!
🌟🌟DREADTOPIA's Custom Fear Hair Wraps are aid! 🙌
👉 5-8mm width
👉 10-13mm width
🚪 Our entrance door:
Please message me with any questions you would possibly per chance also have relating to our customized protest listings, and please gain sure to learn all records in the checklist fastidiously, as we DO NOT settle for returns, exchanges, or cancellations. 💖 Send as many small print as you'd desire to relating to your customized protest, both in the Personalization Field, or by message. The Custom Repeat checklist is a Blind To find-vogue protest, wherein you DO NOT discover the wrap until it arrives. We DO NOT ship out example pics, however we welcome any you would possibly per chance also ship to e book the advent of your dream wrap💖💖
🌟🌟If studying to gain Mandala Locs™ is one thing you'd be in, please ship me a message and I'll add your name to our contact list. We are able to finally have a Google Doc for designate-up, however we are able to withhold be aware of things this vogue for now, and I could abet you to to guys know when the course/e book/videos/etc. are entire! Thanks so mighty in your curiosity in Mandala Locs™!
✨Please measure your hair from root/scalp to tip of hair the place you'd desire to place in your wrap sooner than ordering. The scale (L) and width (W) of every and every pre-made wrap are in the „Vogue“ tab you click to aquire if there are just a few wraps in the checklist.
✨For reference, a pencil is set 7mm huge, and a Sharpie marker is 12mm huge. The fluctuate for our wraps is from 4mm-16mm huge.
✨Please be advised: some wraps would possibly per chance appear stiff on the start however will soften and kick again out with place on!
✨ Our wraps are pure dismay/loc-fashioned and are simplest suited even as you already have dreads/locs however would possibly per chance additionally be utilized by all as a realistic fake dismay accent share!
✨Care instructions included with every protest.
✨We place 2-4 hours (or more!) of love and care into the advent of every and every protest, so we don’t settle for returns or exchanges, however we realize no longer all wraps work for all noggins, so even as you’re no longer entirely joyful with your aquire, please message us for a candy deal in your subsequent aquire! We promise to construct greater for you subsequent time.
✨All orders reach with reused/repurposed/upcycled packaging gives each time that you just would possibly per chance deem because we 💖 Earth! ♻️🌎
🐾All animal products outmoded in our wraps are both chanced on or diverted from the damage stream by upcycling, repurposing, salvaging, or procuring secondhand. 🌏
✨We now have a immense stock but to be listed, so please discover spherical and reach aid soon to receive what contemporary treasures we have on hand, as we are able to be adding more to the shop day-to-day. Thanks for stopping by! 😊

Why „Mandala“ Vogue™/Locs™?

In 8th grade, my fabulous art trainer, Mrs. Carman, was an inspiration when she taught us the Asian art gain identified as „Mandala.“ (reproduction and paste this hyperlink into your browser for more on the fabulous Mandala art vogue!) –>
„What’s a Mandala?
A mandala is a non secular and ritual image in Asian cultures. It is a long way going to also additionally be understood in two diversified ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a e book for loads of practices that occur in many Asian traditions, including meditation. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the idea is that by entering the mandala and continuing in the direction of its heart, you are guided by the cosmic task of reworking the universe from one of struggling into one of pleasure and happiness.“

When developing these wraps, I on the full feel the same „waft space“ originate, as in my younger years, developing the 2 mandalas I spent hours slumped over. With these wraps, what was first a gain of self-soothing self-expression instant became one thing I needed to half with others, so thanks for being a critical half of my art! When I'm surrounded by cloth scraps, legend, and thread, a form of magic erupts. This cosmic „waft“ emerges, and I enter into a Oneness with myself, the gives, the cosmos the place they came from, which is all of lifestyles, and with you, future wearers of those creations. For me, they’re about healing, and about spreading Luxuriate in and Mild, and I in point of fact hope you love carrying them as mighty as I love developing them!

💕💕💕 Scarlett

((More Phrases))

Thank you so mighty in your love and increase throughout our first two years of industry–it has in point of fact been a wild crawl! Wrapping my dangle hair and dreads with vibrant colours and textures gave me a priceless ingenious outlet by annoying cases, so it’s very pleasant to plug that alongside to you! Thank you for the total love and increase you've confirmed by your purchases, messages, and opinions. I’m beyond grateful and with out damage humbled! It in level of truth skill the sector to me/us!! You are so most smartly-liked!!

We opened in October 2021, and we’re dwelling to the 🕉️ Mandala Vogue™ 🕉️ fake dismay wrap, a.ample.a. „Mandala Loc™“🌼 Each of those wraps are beloved into existence by 2-4 hours (on the full more!) of meditative, music-lushing, myth-burning, spiral-wrapping, “Mandala Vogue™” adorning, which is how they gain their ravishing pure shape and density! They're extremely durable, versatile, and sooner than they plug away our care, they’re inspected for quality and luxury by Scarlett herself, as successfully as the in-dwelling fae of DREADTOPIA. 🧚🧚💯✔ Please be advised that your wrap/wraps would possibly per chance feel a miniature bit stiff on the start however will loosen and soften with place on. ✔ ✨ Care instructions are included with every protest. ✔💗
✨ All of our wraps are repeatedly one-of-a-kind, and they're manufactured from on the full about 60-80% upcycled/repurposed gives!
➡️➡️Benefits and Facts of Upcycling: 💯
✨ Upcycling reduces the stress on precious sources akin to gas, forests, and water gives – and helps safeguard wildlife [and fae!] habitats.
✨ Upcycling reduces air and water air pollution.
✨ Upcycling finally ends up in less risky damage production throughout the manufacturing task.
✨ It reduces the amount of damage that can wish to be recycled or despatched to landfills and incinerators.
✨ It saves energy – as successfully as reducing greenhouse gas emissions which make a contribution to international climate fluctuations.
✨ Upcycling saves you money and allows products to be outmoded to their fullest extent.
**Borrowed from: (Thank you!)
➡️Could also you discover at your „devices“ fastidiously sooner than adding **treasures** to landfill trash! 😉♻️💕💯.

We place 2-4 hours (or more!) of love and care into the advent, preparation, and packaging of every and every wrap/protest, so we don’t settle for returns or exchanges, however we realize no longer all wraps work for all noggins, so even as you’re no longer entirely joyful with your aquire please message Scarlett for a candy deal in your subsequent aquire, and we promise to construct greater for you subsequent time! 💕

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