Dreadlock extensions red/gentle red Crochet de curly synthetic dreads extensions Watercolour dreads beefy pickle handmade dreads double ended
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Artificial de dreadlocks ombre ombre braiding hair for soft girls. Artificial double ended dreads beefy pickle . Curled synthetic crochet dreads will create you irresistible!

Product facts:
•Colors – red/gentle red
•Form – crochet dreads curly
•Fabric – kanekalon (synthetic hair). It is a ways entirely hypoallergenic material. Doesn't pickle off irritation.
•Length DE – 110 cm(55 cm folded)
•Thickness – 0.5 cm
Reusable curly dreadlocks. Within the direction of the first set up, soft curly dreadlocks receive naturally. On the 2d set up, the dreadlocks is rarely any longer going to observe cherish the first time. They’re going to watch cherish soft dreadlocks.

For the first two weeks, you’re going to must divide the strands with wet hands. It is a ways serious for the natural formation of curly dreadlocks.

Educate the hyperlink to appear a video on techniques to fabricate it https://www.instagram.com/p/CTB-AVZDQFU/?utm_medium=copy_link

*Wash your hair no extra than once a week.
*Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 10 (water)
*Wearing duration from 3 to 6 weeks with max 2 weeks

You furthermore mght can settle the volume you'd cherish to receive. Your complete head needs about 50 crochet dreadlocks. Whenever you’re going to have shaved temples or the again of your head – 25pcs

They’re going to likely be braided to a length of 10-12 cm. Please, fabricate no longer dry your dreadlocks with a too sizzling hair dryer and again it a ways from the fire.

You may per chance well maybe well watch on the FAQs:
* custom and personalized orders
* care instructions
* wearing duration
* reusable pickle
* offer
* packaging

All dreadlocks in my store are entirely safe to your hair. All kits are reusable.

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