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Mark: $42.00USD

White blonde „Pure“ wool dreadlock arena. Bohemian apprehension extensions, decorated with cotton myth and picket beads.
Handmade Extra snug wool dreadlocks. Articulate goodbye to irritation and hello to extra-beautiful softness!
🌱Wool is 100% natural cloth, breathable and biodegradable!
✔️ Plump or partial arena of double ended/single ended
⌛ All wool dreads are MADE TO ORDER, by hand, in the variant of your preference. So, we want just a few days to manufacture your arena and let it dry well sooner than we ship it to you.

✔️Opt the quantity and the kind: -Sequence of dreads- dropdown
➜SE – SINGLE ENDED DREADS are for extra sensitive areas, esteem the hairline.
➜DE – DOUBLE ENDED DREADS are for the leisure, for a thicker fabricate

✔️Opt the length: Length /DE-folded SE-total/
What derive the indicated sizes mean?
SE – From prime to tip, so the total length
DE – Folded length, in present for you the total length, multiply the added dimension by two

Dimension Files:
12-15 inches (30-38 cm) – shoulder-armpit length
17.5-20 inches (forty five-50 cm) – mid-serve length
20-24.5 inches (50-63 cm) – waist-hip length
27.5-30 inches (69-76 cm) – tailbone length

Thickness: 5-7 mm (0.2-0.28 recede) We fabricate a limited thinner, 5-7 mm dimension dreadlocks, mild and satisfied.

✔️ accent/partial🡆 10-20 dreads
✔️ mohawk 🡆 30-40 dreads
✔️ tubby arena 🡆 50-70 dreads

✅The decoration is segment of the arena! * The plant life are right decoration, no longer segment of the arena!

We utilize beautiful/extrafine merino wool, because eco-pleasant, incredibly snug and satisfied to attach on. Much less itchy to your scalp.
🫧We fabricate the dreads with wet felting approach. Most provocative felted with water and cleansing soap, made without added scents.
✔️Top class wool dreadlocks be pleased natural breathability to preserve your scalp satisfied and help do an eye on temperature even in the midst of extended attach on.
You would are attempting new lengths and styles. And if you’ve got got a pair of skillful fingers, it’s possible you’ll perhaps even install them to your self – but it’s possible you’ll perhaps moreover request for some help from an very perfect friend or husband/wife or a legit.
✔️All dreadlocks are MULESING FREE, cruelty-free. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Identical old 100 and is executed which is GOTS (updated to the final model) and GRS certified.

You would right wash your wool dreads everytime you are feeling it’s some distance a necessity, there is now not any longer a rule for it.
Concerning how we now be pleased got multiple answers:
The easy one: Tie the dreads into one or two buns, and handiest wash the scalp and the roots thoroughly with shampoo, rinsing with tidy water in a while
The “broad wash”: after we wash the total thing /with shampoo, without any conditioner if that it’s possible you’ll perhaps deem, and rinse them thoroughly at the discontinue/
✔️Don’t rub them, right gently squeeze them!
✔️ Withhold some distance flung from machine washing and drying.
✔️ Withhold some distance flung from the utilize of cloth softeners.
⭐More details:

🪻We give you a limited complimentary derive of lavender with the items to preserve moths away. The package deal moreover involves the rubber bands wanted for installation.
♻️We deem it’s excessive to decrease the utilize of plastic, so every arena is disbursed in recycled paper packaging.

instagram: @boholucydreads

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