Dreadlocks Wool double ended single ended dreadlocks right darkish blond and light brown merino dreadlocks extensions fat space
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Stamp: $48.00USD

Wool double ended or single ended dreads

That you just would be able to resolve the amount and model of dreads within the checklist suggestions

Lenght: forty five – 50 cm (17,7-19,6 inches)
55 – 60 cm (21.6-23.6 inches)

Thickness: 0.3-0.4 inch (0,7-1 cm)

right darkish blond and light brown

Whereas you must have handiest a few dreadlocks as an accent – 5-15 DE (or 10 – 20 SE) dreads will seemingly be ample
Whereas you are going to want a mohawk – you must have 30 – 40 DE ( or 40 – 50 SE ) dreads
Whereas you need dreads for fat head – you must have 60 DE ( or 80 SE ) dreads

Wool dreads will seemingly be lightweight and chuffed for your hair. That you just would be able to neglect about the discomfort that hair affords. Wool are soft and gratifying to the contact. That you just would be able to freely bend, tangle and bind wool dreads.

Take note!
Colors dreadlocks can also fluctuate by 1-2 a lot, in diverse shows settings.

Whereas it’s good to reveal a various quantity, size, and colours of dreadlocks, you might maybe demand me about „Custom Uncover “

Made with love to wool dreads ❤

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