Elephantine situation of brown combine blue min lengthy crochet synthetic double ended DE dreads natural dreadlocks full head hair extensions braids
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Mark: $40.00USD

Put of double ended DE or single ended dreads SE

Resolve dimension in adaptations :
– 45-50 cm
– 55-60 cm
– 65-70 cm
– 75-80 cm
– 80-90 cm

Brown, blue, mint

+ wrapped accents
+ braids

Made of prime of the range synthetic hair.
They’ll additionally be washed multiple cases (no longer in a washer :))

They’re lightweight, volume and re-usable.
Whenever you happen to elaborate this pleasing situation of synthetic dreads and this would possibly change into your dreadlocks, no-one will ever bag a situation identic to yours, since each situation is particular individual, subsequently, unfamiliar.

I exhaust Ukrainian Postal Provider. I ship internationally and we are able to exhaust your selected offer provider.

Made with admire )

No Returns for Suitable Description:

We remorse to disclose you that we conclude no longer get returns or provide refunds for dreads and dreadlock equipment if the product entirely matches the description equipped on our web stutter. This policy ensures that customers receive exactly what they request in step with the knowledge equipped earlier than bear.

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