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Designate: $34.00USD

Field of natural peep synthetic dreads

Length: 65 cm (25.6 inches)

shadowy -> brown -> blonde

It’s doubtless you’ll perhaps additionally prefer form (DE or SE) and quantity in „Kind of dreads“

Made of high quality synthetic hair.
They’d be washed a couple of times (no longer in a washing machine :))

They are gentle-weight, quantity and re-usable.
While you squawk this out of the ordinary divulge of man-made dreads and this might perhaps possibly turn into your dreadlocks, no-one will ever uncover a divulge identic to yours, since every divulge is particular particular person, as a outcome of this truth, irregular.

I utilize Ukrainian Postal Service. I ship internationally and we are capable of utilize your most stylish shipping carrier.

Made with treasure )

No Returns for Perfect Description:

We feel sorry about to uncover you that we reside no longer settle for returns or provide refunds for dreads and dreadlock equipment if the product totally fits the description supplied on our internet command. This policy ensures that possibilities bag exactly what they quiz in accordance with the suggestions supplied ahead of aquire.

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