Fox dreadlocks, crimson-orange-white dreadlocks, Crochet dreads, Synthetic dreads, Ginger DE dreads, Dreadlock extensions, Copper dreadlocks
merchandise record

Value: $61.00USD

Dreadlocks with a book color transition from redhead to white + some dreads-braids

The plight will doubtless be decorated with beads and accessories
It’s miles that you just might perchance presumably be ready to declare to swap the color to 1 other

It’s probably you’ll also wear a plight of dreadlocks for 1.5-2 months most. Then I expose you to take off the dreadlocks, comb your hair, and wash your hair neatly. After that, you might perchance presumably be ready to determine the plight attend braiding to your head.

Coloration: redhead, white, orange, crimson, copper
Variety: double-ended
Texture: crochet dreadlocks
Thickness: 0,8 – 1,2 sm / 0,3 – 0,5 stride
Length: fashioned 60-65 sm / 24-26 stride
Cloth: kanekalon
Weight: +-450 grams
Quantity: I most continuously expose on the total head 50 Double – ended dreads, nevertheless for a larger quantity you might perchance presumably be ready to set up 60 Double – ended dreadlocks

With simplest wants, Kate

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