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Set: $24.80USD

Solar Loc extensions are entirely handmade with 100% virgin human hair. We attain no longer expend synthetic or hybrid hair blends.


1mm width once almost at the moment correlates in size to corpulent head installation of 500+ locs*

1.5mm = 400+ locs*

2mm = 350-400 locs*

2.5mm = 250-300 locs“

3mm = 230-280 locs*

*searching on head size and hair density.

It is strongly urged to web more than one widths so assorted sections and densities of hair. 1mm works greater alongside the perimeter the place the hair is thinner and fragile. If your sections are greater on the perimeter, then 2mm will be beautiful. Please seek the recommendation of your loctician while you happen to could well even be no longer sure.

If extending present sisterloc or shrimp microlocs, it’s miles urged to count the need of locs you maintain and relate 10-20 bigger than that number as a cushion. Please video display that we are underneath no circumstances affiliated with the Sisterlock impress as they attain no longer endorse extensions.

The feel of these locs easiest fits curl patterns 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, and 4C.


Please allow between 3-4 weeks for processing and shipping. Smaller orders are once almost at the moment completed interior 2 weeks.  Lengths longer than 14 inches, shiny colours (blue, green, pink, red, and so forth) and neatly-organized quantities (bigger than 200) can grab in to 4 weeks to fabricate and ship. If you happen to need expedited service (skip the line), basically be at liberty to send me a message and I’m in a position to give you a label urge pricing and estimated shipment.

Be at liberty to message me with any questions or considerations.

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