Goldfish”~ OOAK SE Wispy Mandala Loc™ Faux Dread Hair Wrap Accent with hemp loop~18.5" Size X 8mm Width~Ready to Ship~
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“Goldfish”~ OOAK SE Wispy Mandala Loc™ Faux Dread Hair Wrap Accent with hemp loop~18.5″ Size X 8mm Width
➡️ Our wraps are persistently OOAK and made from 60-80% upcycled/recycled/repurposed materials ♻️🌎
➡️ For added fae-kissed, earth loving, tree hugging hair treasures, observe this hyperlink to our front door ➡️ ✨🧚🏻‍♀️🚪✨

✨Please be urged that some wraps will also seem stiff at the starting up, nonetheless will soften and unexcited down with wear!
💖 Our wraps are natural fear-fashioned and are easiest suited for those that already beget dreads/locs nonetheless will be gentle by all as a pragmatic faux fear accent section!
✨Care instructions incorporated with each and each expose 💖

✨We build 2-4 hours (or extra!) of esteem and care into the introduction of every and each expose, so we don’t gain returns or exchanges, nonetheless we perceive now not all wraps work for all noggins, so whenever you happen to’re now not chuffed alongside with your aquire please message me for a sweet deal for your next aquire, and we promise to enact better for you next time!
💖💖💖 Scarlett

✨All orders reach with reused/repurposed/upcycled packaging materials at any time when imaginable because of the we 💖 Earth! ♻️🌎

We have a huge stock yet to be listed, so please admire around and reach abet rapidly to admire what new treasures now we beget readily accessible, as we are going to be adding extra to the shop day to day. Thanks for stopping by! 😊

Why „Mandala“ Model™/Locs™?

In 8th grade, my fantastic art teacher, Mrs. Carman, became an inspiration when she taught us the Asian art make acknowledged as „Mandala.“ (reproduction and paste this hyperlink into your browser for extra on the fantastic Mandala art style!) –>
„What is a Mandala?
A mandala is a non secular and ritual symbol in Asian cultures. It is going to be understood in two completely different systems: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a data for several practices that plan cease arena in many Asian traditions, including meditation. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the thought is that by entering the mandala and proceeding in direction of its center, you are guided by the cosmic potential of remodeling the universe from one of struggling into one of pleasure and happiness.“

When creating these wraps, I repeatedly feel the identical „dart with the circulation dwelling“ originate, as in my younger years, creating the 2 mandalas I spent hours slumped over. With these wraps, what became first a make of self-soothing self-expression like a flash turned something I desired to allotment with others, so thanks for being a truly important section of my art! When I'm surrounded by cloth scraps, tale, and thread, a make of magic erupts. This cosmic „dart with the circulation“ emerges, and I enter into a Oneness with myself, the materials, the cosmos the build they came from, which is all of life, and with you, future wearers of these creations. For me, they are about therapeutic, and about spreading Worship and Gentle, and I in point of fact hope you esteem wearing them as critical as I esteem creating them!

💕💕💕 Scarlett

🐾All animal merchandise primitive in our wraps are both found out or diverted from the rupture hunch by technique of upcycling, repurposing, salvaging, or attempting to search out secondhand. 🌏♻️💖

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