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Our Loc Hydration Mist supplies a refreshing burst of moisture for dreadlocks and locs, ultimate for sustaining hydration and softness. It doubles as a dash away-in conditioner, offering important moisture for dreadlocks, locs, and even hair and dreadlock extensions, guaranteeing they preserve nourished and wholesome.

Revitalize your locs with our two-package bundle – the very finest duo for a flawless loc care routine. 💧🌿

🌸 Hydration Mist with Lemongrass, Rosewater & Aloe Vera Juice:
Embark on a fragrant wander with lemongrass, rosewater, and aloe vera juice. This mist hydrates your locs, leaving them refreshed and nourished. Use in the morning and night time for optimum moisture, nonetheless avoid overdoing it to forestall mildew and mildew development even as you sleep. Bundle up with a protective bonnet to relieve your locs lint-free.

💖 Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner:
Give your dry, brittle, and crunchy locs the boost they need. Hydrate first with the mist, then apply the lightweight dash away-in conditioner. This two-step course of ensures your locs receive the very finest steadiness of hydration and moisture, leaving them feeling silky and soft.

📜 Instructions for Supreme Locs:
1. Spritz Hydration Mist all around the achieve your hair in the morning and before bed.
2. Discover a little amount of Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner for added moisture.
3. Bundle up with a bonnet for a restful night time, guaranteeing your locs preserve moisturized.

🌟 Fragment Your Silky Locs Whisk:
Model @DreadHouseTV to showcase your unfamiliar loc routine. Change into a hair influencer and encourage others on their wander to wholesome, thriving dreadlocks. 💫 #DreadHouseBundle #HydrationAndCare #LocLove

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