Medium Ash Blonde Dreadlocks and Braids •  Braid extensions for Boho Hair • SE dreads • Pre looped or clip in dreadlocks • Synthetic Hair
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Payment: $33.99USD

This assorted dreadlocks and braids extension location, involves Viking dreads, minute messy braids, faux dreads, fishtail braids and dreadlocks.

This braided dreadlock hair extension location provides totally different choices in step with size, quantity of braids in the placement and the possibility for pre looped or clipped in.

Alot of time and indulge in goes into making these sets so we treasure you fascinated about purchasing from us. Must you are going to also fair maintain never prone braids or dreadocks earlier than we attain provide a (5) braid location newbie kit in both the pre looped model or the clip in.

Must light you be on the fence of whether you might possibly perchance decide to a full location of these extensions I extremely suggest fascinated about the newbie kit first.

RETURN POLICY: On fable of these customized sets are made to repeat to your specific hair color they are NOT returnable or exchangeable. As talked about above we provide a (5) braid location newbie kit so that you can check out the pre looped or clip in model, see if you adore sporting braids & dreadlocks and to check the color match/quality of the hair.
The hair color pictured is a blended blonde nonetheless we provide complimentary customized color matching in most hair colors. Plse ship us 2-3 photos of your hair in pure outside lighting.

Colours might possibly perchance fair seem rather totally different hoping on show masks settings.
How to set up

Braids and pretend dreads are inclined to be rather chubby, subsequently might possibly perchance fair appear to rather bulge out when installed.

Clip In's – To simplest veil the clip in model and mix with pure hair we suggest placing in below the hair line, shining above the ear level or positioned below a 1/2 ponytail bun.

Pre Looped – Here’s a semi permanent model and is installed the use of a „crochet“ approach. If unsure on the specific technique to set up pre looped sets please contact your local hair expert for added exiguous print. There are also alot of DIY Youtube videos that provide set up solutions and solutions.
Forms of Extensions

Clip ins (Weft (teeth) clips) These extension clips enable for like a flash and straight forward set up for each day on and off wear.

Simply resolve the keep you might possibly perchance possibly like to region the extension (ideally below hair line to higher veil), region “teeth” on rather of bit of hair and press the clip in or out with your thumb and pointer fingers to originate or terminate.

Must light it no longer discontinue closed take away just among the hair and try again. We carefully seek every weft clip to accept sure they work smartly earlier than transport.

Pre looped dreads/braids: Here’s a semi permenant model and is installed the use of a „crochet“ approach. If unsure on the specific technique to set up pre looped sets please contact your local hair expert for added exiguous print. There are also alot of DIY Youtube videos that provide set up solutions and solutions.
Traditional questions:

How prolonged attain the braids/dreads final?

Clip in's – Can final months hoping on the manner you admire them. To shield primarily the simplest form and situation, retailer on a flat ground or dangle.

Pre – looped – The amount of time that pre looped braids/dreads final will fluctuate in step with your nightly bedtime routine. It most cases and with a legitimate bedtime routine they’ll final up to four weeks.

We suggest conserving your braids at bedtime by sporting a satin scarf to bed to take care of up a ways from inflicting matting, frizzing and drying out the braids.

To aid delicate out frizzing that starts to happen gently rub alcohol free gel or mousse down the braids periodically. If this doesnt work, carefully tidy any frizzy hairs that can’t be tamed. For security capabilities aid braids a ways from your face when trimming with scissors.

Can I wash my hair?

We attain no longer suggest washing your hair each day, with that being stated you might possibly perchance wash your hair.

The braids are no longer meant to be submerged in water even if that’s the case we suggest the use of a washing cap in bathtubs, oceans, pools or anytime your head will probably be submerged below water.

How attain I wash my hair?

Dilute shampoo & water in spray water bottle. Spray the scalp combination in between the braid sections to your hair. Gently massage scalp to take away dirt & product buildup from the scalp. Rinse hair.

You might possibly perchance use a dry shampoo to cleanse the scalp.

What else ought to light I NOT attain to my braids?

DO NOT comb or brush braids, finger detangle hair if you are going to also fair maintain any matting or tangles. If the ends of the hair are tangling a lot, you are going to also nick the tangles with scissors.

They’re created from the very splendid quality synthetic hair. DO NOT Flat iron and/or curl.

Must light the backside of the braids originate to resolve. Spend plastic hair ties to secure.

Please impress: Synthetic hair can maintain free strands. We tidy them down as mighty as that you might possibly perchance imagine earlier than transport nonetheless shall be most modern upon arrival and over time from sporting.

Safety Display masks:

Our hairpieces maintain exiguous parts and accessories and are a choking hazard.
Please attain no longer leave infants or younger contributors unattended whereas sporting any hair accessories and accomplish no longer enable them to keep in mouth.

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