Natural brown coloration artificial hair dreadlocks| delicate light weight double ends/single ends embellished dreads
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Stamp: $69.89EUR

Dreadlocks made of man-made hair in brown coloration with jewelry
look extra colours and styles in my Etsy store..

Description of the dreadlocks in the photos:
Subtle S.E. (single ends) Dreadlocks
Dimension: 50 cm
Thickness: 0.5-0.7 mm
Quantity: 15 bases, 15 ends

Dreadlocks are handrcrafted wtih high quality artificial subject material, light weight. Will also be fashioned extra than one instances. Easy installation and removal direction of✨
Will also be custom-made along with your measurement, thickness, amount and coloration. Contact me to invent a custom explain 🤍

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