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Mark: $52.41USD

Synthetic hair dreads + fishtail braids . They watch as close as that it is seemingly you’ll presumably perhaps imagine to natural dreadlocks.

Description and parts:

– colours: combine ombre shadowy green woodland green on gentle green mojito blend green, lime, gentle green, vivid green bandage

– length: 55-60 cm (21,6-23,6 inches)

– loose ends in dreads

– it is seemingly you’ll presumably perhaps resolve DE or SE vogue in „Resolution of Dreads“

– some dreads are wrapped with narrative

– you’ll glean free random beads

For full head you will need 50 DE dreads on this sctructure, if you’ve got shaved facets and encourage 30-40 DE (40 DE if you wish contain immense dreads quantity). Easiest shaved facets – 40 DE.

Please conceal! Ensuing from computer screen differences, accurate colours may presumably perhaps simply vary fair a shrimp from what looks to be online.
If you would desire to contain numerous colours, lengths, curly dreads, dreas with clips otherwise you’ve got numerous wishes concerning the looks of your dreads. I’m constantly overjoyed to contain your attention-grabbing suggestions.
Please put a matter to of a personalized uncover and mutter me what you'd like!

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