Ombre Blond Synthetic Dreads Hair Extensions with Lilac and White Accents long, natural seek files from, gentle and skinny
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Set: $79.00USD

Ombre Blond Synthetic Dreads Hair Extensions, delicately adorned with fascinating Lilac and White Accents! Designed to emulate the natural allure of long, flowing locks, our dreads provide a delicate and skinny texture, making sure both comfort and vogue with every place on.
Crafted from top price synthetic materials, this dreads boast unparalleled durability and resilience, promising a long-lasting, flawless look. Comprise versatility as you experiment with varied hairstyles and ogle as heads turn in admiration of your without complications clean entice. Can even be made in assorted colours upon query. The wearing duration is 1.5-2 months. Can even be reused. After wearing, hand wash with detergent in chilly water is allowed. You would possibly maybe presumably maybe't shuffle to the sauna.

Coloration: Blond ombre with lilac shades
Form: double ended (DE) or single ended (SE) dreads and braids

Length: 55-60 cm (21-23 inches)
Full divulge comprises 10 DE braids and 40 DE dreadlocks (or 20 SE braids and 80 SE dreadlocks)
Whenever you happen to order little items, then braids and dreadlocks will be in a ratio of 1:4. As an illustration, when ordering 20 de divulge – the divulge will have 4 de braids and 16 de dreadlocks

Personalized order is that you just would possibly presumably maybe presumably presumably speak. All products are handmade, so in order for you a particular coloration, amount, size, and so forth. please contact me sooner than ordering.

Please repeat that colours for your video show camouflage camouflage would possibly maybe presumably maybe fluctuate a little from the steady product attributable to the coloration rendering of your tool.

VAT is now not embody in label.
Behold the FAQ to clutch more about my work route of, packaging and diverse.

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