Ombre synthetic dreads Sunless to crimson to light grey ombre Natural seek for Double ended or Single ended Realistic and comfortable Unfounded dreadlocks sigh
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Label: $fifty three.47USD

Synthetic hair dreads. They seek for as cease as imaginable to natural dreadlocks.

Description and ingredients:

– colors: murky -> crimson -> light grey

– length: 55-60 cm (21,6-23,6 inches)

– unfastened ends in dreads (in inform for you to hold braided ends, it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps also write a stamp to your inform. I will for sure read it)

– it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps also resolve DE or SE vogue in „Desire of Dreads“

– some dreads are wrapped with chronicle

– you’ll receive free random beads

For corpulent head you want 50 DE dreads on this sctructure, once you hold shaved sides and lend a hand 30-40 DE (40 DE in inform for you to hold broad dreads volume). Only shaved sides – 40 DE.

Please stamp! As a consequence of note variations, valid colors might perhaps also merely fluctuate a chunk from what appears to be like to be online.
In inform for you to hold a host of colors, lengths, curly dreads, dreas with clips otherwise you hold a host of needs relating to the look of your dreads. I am consistently elated to hold your attention-grabbing recommendations.
Please quiz a customized inform and inform me what you'd cherish!

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