Pure Ash  Human Hair Dreadlocks DE or SE Dreads
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Mark: $188.00EUR

Expensive, There Are A Birth From The US And The EU. We Will Ship Items To You From The Space In Which You Are Located

These dreadlocks are fabricated from 100% high quality natural hair. We use European hair from Europe's easiest manufacturing facility. Sooner than making dreadlocks, the hair undergoes a beautiful therapy.

The thickness of the blanks is from 0.6 to 0.8 mm, however you should well specify your procure thickness in the personalization to the insist.

The chosen size is the total dreadlocks including the loose ends.
The tip of the scale of the dreadlock is 10-15 cm.
The scale of the tip depends on the scale of the dreadlocks. In short dreadlocks as a lot as 15 inches, the tip is 10-12cm. In longer dreadlocks from 15 to 24 inches, it is miles 12-15 cm. Additional payment is equipped for longer ends.

Since these are natural hair shades could perchance well non-public diverse tones, rob this into legend when ordering. Furthermore, the color depends on the lighting fixtures, the record can distort the color of the color, as effectively your instrument masks can also carry a tone that is now not what it is miles in the record.

Our dreadlocks are very easy to know.
Wash your dreadlocks hair with diluted hair shampoo and water. Rinse the roots effectively from the foam. We direct you to gently comb the ends adore your procure hair and moisturize them with hair oil so as that they continuously retain a comely explore.

At the same time as you happen to could perchance well non-public extra questions, write me a message

The retailer is positioned in Estonia and the cargo of your goods will also be from Estonia as effectively as from the United States warehouse.

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