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Rate: $28.00CAD

****The wrap pictured
is the wrap you are going to fetch!***

Might perchance per chance simply still you desire a custom-made wrap, please contact me sooner than assemble!

Made with contend with by a Licensed Hairstylist and licensed Loctician in the Southern most phase of Canada, eh!

Made with both unusual and recycled materials, helping to lend a hand sustainability and moral consumerism.

These hair wraps are made to be rugged, however wearing them in the shower or to mattress will shorten this lifespan.
With this records, bear as you need.

Sizes are approximate and are proven in pics.
Color’s vary by show veil.

Because of the nature of this product, returns can no longer be current, and are last sale.
Might perchance per chance simply still there be any complications, don’t hesitate to attain out.

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