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Handmade merchandise

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Love and peace place ☮️✨

Dirty blonde shades with shapely accessories!
Handmade hair wrap integrated!
Aloof locks and mermaid braids with curl together❤️
wild hair texture
Appears to be like like in actual fact natural and horny

irregular handmade place

You is now no longer going to acquire such irregular dreadlocks wherever else!
in a position to ship!

Stout place for tubby braiding!
50 double ended dreads and braids
Coloration : soiled blond, crimson and white
Embellished with beads, pendants, wraps, hair wrap

There will likely be some color discrepancies which is attributable to the diversified video show settings.
These are quiet bent steam dreadlocks, braids and braids with curls
They’re fabricated from excessive quality synthetic fibre, they are smoth and quiet and scrutinize natural.

There are 50 double ended dreads braids on this record
Dimension appro 60cm (24 straggle) in lenght
Thickness 0,8 cm

No longer precisely what you are procuring for? Extra of synthetic dreads accessible here

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