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Impress: $20.00USD

L-XL Stretch Satin Bonnet *Stretch and satin lined
Introducing the Satin Bonnet, the correct accessory to possess your hair searching dazzling whereas you sleep! This bonnet is designed to suit hair as much as 26 inches+ in length, making certain that your locks discontinuance protected and frizz-free at some level of the night.

Made of excessive-quality satin field matter, this bonnet is quiet on your hair and won't motive any fracture or breakage. It's additionally extremely ecstatic and won't slip off or motive any discomfort whereas you sleep.

No longer completely does this Satin Bonnet offer protection to your hair from tangles and breakage, but it additionally maintains moisture levels. The satin helps possess moisture on your strands leading to less dryness over time. With regular exercise of this bonnet, you'll realizing that your hair appears more healthy with a pure shine.

The Satin Bonnet is straightforward to exercise – simply slip it over your head earlier than mattress! It's superb for all sorts of hairstyles – whether you’ll need gotten prolonged braids or curly locs.

Investing in a quality satin bonner will put time on styling every morning in addition to to possess healthy searching locks over time. Salvage yours this day for a quiet night sleep with effectively-maintained dazzling tresses!

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