Seraphina' Boho model dreadlock extensions with fishtail braid accents. Double Ended Ombre synthetic dreadlock extensions.
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Mark: $106.70USD

A necessary role of crocheted dreadlocks decorated with intricate fishtail braids, designed to captivate and reduction. These uncommon dreadlocks showcase a panoramic color palette from a natural sandy brown and rich, shadowy walnut brown to ethereal strands of light blonde and ash greys added in a entertaining ombre set. It's in reality a various and search information from-catching different for dreadlocks! The accent pieces are blanketed in leather-basically based strands, feathers and picket beads.

These handcrafted dreads are approximately 24″-26″ and the role is sold in bundles of 10 DE.

*Please tell, that colors in true lifestyles and/or to your camera can even be diverse than on these photos. Darkish colors can watch darker, light brown can watch reddish. Intellectual colors may perchance presumably watch now not as spicy as here. It is reckoning on the conceal on which that you just may perchance effectively be having a watch on this role.

Weight: About 300 grams

Discipline fabric: Kanekalon (synthetic hair) Hypoallergenic Discipline fabric

QTY: 1 Double Ended (DE) awe = 2 ends

*These synthetic cushy dreadlocks are wearable for approximately 4-8 weeks, hoping on hair boost and how effectively you treasure them.
The dreads can even be washed and reinstalled many conditions. When now not wearing them, I suggest acquire them on a hanger or in a silk acquire.

For the first 2-3 weeks of wearing them, I may perchance perchance suggest utilizing a water spritz day after day and surroundings apart the locks with your fingers to acquire them from frizzing and tangling. Sleep with hair braided and if that that you just may perchance presumably be acquire of, a silk bonnet or scarf. This may perchance presumably vastly red meat up the lifestyles of your dreads. You shall be in a position to procure a intention to also use a high-quality depart in conditioner to your locks.

For my fragment, I prefer to add some necessary oils (Lavender, Neem, Tea Tree, and heaps others..) to my scalp every 1-2 days. Your scalp will adore you!

Washing instructions for dreadlocks:

1) Lightly wet your dreadlocks within the bathe. Utilize a itsy-bitsy amount of Paraben Free Shampoo that rinses with out difficulty from the hair with out leaving a movie. Shampoo with an abundance of silicones within the composition is now not only for dreadlocks.

2) Observe shampoo to the scalp between the dreadlocks. Exfoliate your pores and skin thoroughly to take away impurities.

3) Leave the cleanser on for a brief time and rinse with warmth water. If necessary, cope with some areas of the head again. Nonetheless attain now not overdo it, otherwise you disaster fluffing the strands.

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