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Comely handmade pure hair jewellery cloth tubes patented and produced in america.

Nu’bien Tribal Tubes (NTTs)™ may well also honest be frail to pork up braids, locs, or twists. They’re supposed for every day prolonged-time length wear and may well also dramatically extend the lifetime of braids or loc maintenance by camouflaging the fresh growth because the hair grows out. They’re the ULTIMATE dimension retention and conserving styling tool to your hair growth toddle.

NTTs™ are ultimate as a gift and shall be worn alone or with beads, cuffs, and diverse hair decorations.

That you just may also honest wash your hair with NTTs™ build in or uninstall them for a quicker drying time. NTTs™ are recyclable! Earlier than and after utilize, simply wash and dry them as you would garments and retailer them for future utilize.

Now not beneficial for childhood under 3 years feeble, due to the small components.

This list is for 30 NTTs™, which shall be approximately 12 inches prolonged, with a capability variance of 0.25” (L12). That you just can win 15 Lapis and 15 Fire Opal NTTs™ to carry out the Colour Aggregate „B-l-i-p-p-i“.

Your width alternate choices are:

Standard (R) NTTs which shall be approximately 3.125mm in width.

Double Wide (DW) NTTs which shall be approximately 6.25mm in width.

Lean LocStyles (LLS) NTTs which shall be approximately 8mm in width.

Medium LocStyles (MLS) NTTs which shall be approximately 9mm in width.

Jumbo LocStyles (JLS) NTTs which shall be approximately 10mm in width.

A TOOL IS NEEDED TO INSTALL. Sight the list for our STARTER KIT & HAIR INSTALLATION TOOL: up-instruments-for?click_key=464123568d4b51e27d02c15f019a510503bca7f8%3A958613615&click_sum=0dc41ad2&ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1 which entails a sample braid of every dimension, a product guide with our 40 coloration swatches, and the set up instruments.

Rubber Bands:

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