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Label: $56.00USD

Space of natural hit upon synthetic dreads

Length: 55-60 cm (22-24 inches)

Ginger -> light ginger

That is the supreme region for natural ginger hair

Handmade Transition from two shades of ginger (auburn)!

You might perhaps well well perhaps resolve form (DE or SE) and quantity in „Different of dreads“

Created from high quality synthetic hair.
They’ll be washed a pair of times (no longer in a washing machine :))

They are light-weight, quantity and re-usable.
Whereas you repeat this gorgeous region of synthetic dreads and it might perhaps well well perhaps turn out to be your dreadlocks, no-one will ever maintain a region identic to yours, since every region is person, therefore, uncommon.

Made with cherish )

No Returns for Right Description:

We regret to expose you that we carry out no longer settle for returns or present refunds for dreads and dreadlock gear if the product entirely suits the outline offered on our internet device. This policy ensures that customers salvage precisely what they set a matter to in accordance with the guidelines offered sooner than possess.

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