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Price: $101.00USD

Double Ended Dreadlock and Braids Extensions.
Rose gold orange ombre (crimson ginger ombre), Synthetic Dreads. Crocheted with free ends. With beads and
thread winding

Products Tiny print:
* Colors – Rose gold orange ombre (crimson ginger ombre)
* Field materials – Fabricated from top quality kanekalon synthetic hair.
* Length DE – 100-140 cm (50-70 cm folded).
* Thickness – 0.9-1 cm
* Texture – crocheted with free ends. With braids
* Amount – You might maybe maybe maybe be in a space to resolve between 10 to 60 double ended or 20 to 140 single ended dreads.

10 de – 1 braid, 9 dreads
20 de – 2 braids, 18 dreads

60 de – 6 braids, 54 dreads

We tell to train 50 – 60 DE (100-120 SE) dreads for braiding the entire head or 20 – 30 DE (40-60 SE) as soon as you happen to will have gotten shaved temples. It relies on the characteristics of your hair.

Dreads are usable for 1,5-2 months. Fundamentally it relies on how briskly your natural hair develop. The dreads are unbraided painlessly and might maybe maybe be weak more than one time. Your hair will be excellent.
That you might maybe maybe match to the ocean sail or swimming. Expend your odd shampoo with water. Dry with a fan on the distance or with out a fan at all. You don’t ought to misfortune too mighty about washing the dreads because they are product of synthetic fiber and don’t in actuality attract oil and grime.

Genuinely be at liberty to message me as soon as you happen to will have gotten got any questions.


• Processing time
Dreads are „made to reveal“ merchandise and might maybe maybe be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks after buying.
• Estimated birth time relies on the distance of your nation.
Fundamentally, it takes 9-15days to advance for your reveal (USA) and 2-3 weeks for one other nations
• Custom orders gradually welcome!
Enjoy these nevertheless not exactly? You might maybe maybe maybe be in a space to reveal diverse types, quantity, length, and color of dreads. Genuinely be at liberty to jot down with particulars 🙂

(!!!) Be cautious! The shade of dreadlocks might maybe maybe fluctuate by 1-3 tones. It relies on the settings of your telephone or pc video display.

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