Synthetic double ended dreadlocks mix thin dreads blue crimson candy
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Price: $63.00USD

Put together for a head paunchy of thin, vivid and light synthetic dreads! These versatile dreadlock extensions are supreme for achieving a natural, bohemian look for without the long-timeframe commitment of favorite dreadlocks.

📏 Length 35 – 50 cm (13,7 – 19,6″ )

🌈 Colors :
• white
• blue
• lavander
• violet
• white
• gray

It’s probably you’ll maybe show 10-60 DE.
Mix of Senegalese dreads, thin dreads, braids, light natural vogue dreads.

DE – double ended dreads. And this might maybe even be a fair different whenever you happen to must fetch huge dreads.
SE – single ended dreads. Customarily declare as extensions to valid dreads, or for splendid hair

Stout head: 70 DE or 80 SE
Shaved facets and relief : 30-40 DE or 40-50 SE
Shaved facets : 50-60 DE or 60-70 SE
For accents : 5-15 DE or 5-20 SE

💎 As a reward with the acquisition of 10 or extra dreadlocks, a storage glean for dreadlocks might be integrated.

Our thin synthetic dreads are handcrafted with care and a focus to detail utilizing excessive-quality materials, guaranteeing they're both durable and contented to establish on. They are made of excessive quality kanekalon. With a huge different of colours to prefer between, you should maybe accomplish a diversified and personalized look for that's your entire have faith.

These dreads are supreme for these that want to add a walk of caprice to their hair without the bulkiness of thicker dreads. Plus, they're easy to put in and might even be styled in diverse ways, making them supreme for any occasion. Whether you're buying for a relaxing festival look for or simply want to add some color to your day after day vogue, these thin synthetic dreads are a huge different.

I settle for custom orders!
Processing time 1-3 trade days!
Worldwide shipping 7-13 trade days!

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So why no longer strive our thin synthetic dreads and add a walk of sportive color to your hair?


No Returns for Appropriate Description:

We remorse to tell you that we accomplish no longer settle for returns or present refunds for dreads and dreadlock accessories if the product solely matches the outline equipped on our internet establish. This policy ensures that customers receive precisely what they save a question to in response to the suggestions equipped ahead of aquire.

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