Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Crimson Crochet DE or SE Corpulent Station Dreadlocks False Dreads Double or Single Ended Hair Extensions Faux Locs
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Ticket: $40.00USD

Crimson Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions. Crocheted with free ends.
Double Ended Or Single Ended Natural Leer Dreads.

Merchandise Significant aspects:
* Colours – Crimson
* Enviornment subject – Made of high quality kanekalon artificial hair.
* Length – it’s possible you’ll possibly perchance furthermore resolve 16,20,24 in / 40,50,60 cm
* Thickness – 0.3-0.4 in. / 0.7-0.9 cm („Pencil dimension“).
* Style – double or single ended
* Texture – crocheted with free ends.
* Quantity – That you just have to resolve from 5 to 50 double ended or 10 to 100 single ended dreads.

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