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Model: $35.00USD

Halt you want the look of dreadlocks, however also appreciate to reveal your self with ever altering hair?! Transient synth dreads are a hygienic, moral, and enjoyable methodology to alter up your vogue!

These are long dreads, averaging 18″-20″, and micro gauge referring to the dia. of a pencil 5mm. These are single ended and set with a loop. Precise weight is 4 grams. Right here is a nice, lightweight solutions for a happy carrying set up!

Single Ended: Lay very naturally. Even weight distribution with minute hair sections. For easiest results, consume a latchook or bead loop for a seamless set up.

*Please display that every hair product gross sales are last. Returns on personalized orders are no longer current, here is to guard your health and security! Blueprint definite to uncover your self up to the designate with our shop policies prior to ordering! In the occasion you’ve got any questions, post them prior to ordering. We are blissful to wait on!

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