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Mark: $53.47USD

Synthetic hair dreads. They glimpse as end as that you are going to be in a blueprint to deem of to natural dreadlocks.

Description and parts:
– colors: dim -> white
– length: 55-60 cm (21,6-23,6 inches)
– braided ends in dreads (whereas you are looking to admire unfastened ends, you’ll be in a blueprint to write a describe to your direct. I will certainly be taught it)
– you’ll be in a blueprint to settle DE or SE sort in „Choice of Dreads“
– you’ll glean free random beads

For paunchy head you wish 50 DE dreads in this sctructure, whereas you’ve got shaved sides and attend 30-40 DE (40 DE whereas you are looking to admire mountainous dreads quantity). Finest shaved sides – 40 DE.

Please describe! As a consequence of video show variations, precise colors can also differ reasonably from what looks on-line.
Might maybe maybe well admire to you’ll desire to admire varied colors, lengths, curly dreads, dreas with clips or you’ve got varied needs concerning the looks of your dreads. I’m continuously overjoyed to admire your curious solutions.
Please quiz a personalised direct and repeat me what you'd esteem!

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