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Welcome to the Folk Fusion Dreadlocks store. This position is a mixture of fairly a lot of forms of ombre dreadlocks and braids. These objects would possibly perhaps additionally be either with double ended dreads (DE) or single ended dreads (SE). You’d also additionally expose varied portions, lengths and colours of your position. For a elephantine head, 50 double ended dreadlocks (DE) or 100 single ended dreadlocks (SE) are in most cases broken-down.

To weave our objects, we employ synthetic area topic – Kanekalon. The area topic is terribly gentle-weight, appears to be like treasure natural hair and is totally safe to make employ of.

In expose so that you just can possess your luxuriate in queer equipment, we would be overjoyed to benefit you. In expose so that you just can substitute the thickness or color, or whenever you happen to require special textures or styles, please conclude not hesitate to write down to us.
Our masters perceive how to weave not totally classic dreadlocks or braids, but additionally crochet dreads, skinny, gentle, gentle, curly dreadlocks, as successfully as mix and weave objects in a lot of diversified textures that will completely plot your trend queer and amazing.

All our objects are hand woven by experienced craftsmen who were serving to people develop into their trend and provides them a brand new queer gaze over 5 years.

————–A chunk about customization————–

* Please trace that colours in true existence and/or on your camera would possibly perhaps additionally range a little bit from the colors in the images equipped. Unlit colours would possibly perhaps additionally peek darker, and brighter colours would possibly perhaps additionally peek a little bit much less vibrant than they conclude here. This is dependent on the color expose of the tool on which you are viewing this save.

These dreadlocks and braids are ready for hair extensions. When placing an expose, you would possibly perhaps resolve color, size, thickness. In expose so that you just can resolve a varied color for your dreads, then when ordering, in the personalization discipline you would possibly perhaps expose any changes that you just would possibly perhaps treasure to plot to the position.
Can receive to you would possibly perhaps treasure a varied color of the position, then you would possibly perhaps resolve any color from the palettes which can perchance be found in the images of the position you receive chosen. You upright have to expose the assortment of the color you treasure and write it in the personalization discipline. Or upright write me a message and we can plot any of your desires and suggestions strategy upright.

Whenever you location your expose, this can totally rob me 3-5 days to compose. After that, I ship the expose utilizing UPS, USPS, DHL or UKRPOSHTA. We present our customers with free of fee shipping worldwide. The realistic transport time is 21 business days.

That's all. With upright about a uncomplicated steps, you would possibly perhaps with out say develop into the owner of nice dreadlocks and braids. We’re assured that the works of our masters will plot you shine even more, spotlight your class and possess a brand new spherical of your queer trend.

————–Dreadlock Care Instructions————–

This position of dreadlocks and braids would possibly perhaps additionally be broken-down in one extension for 1.5-2 months with totally no hurt to human hair.

While sporting dreadlocks, they would possibly perhaps additionally quiet be washed, but we conclude not imply doing this too typically (a day-to-day routine will not be going to work). Can receive to you wash them too typically, the strands will develop into fluffy, that will also irritate the appearance of dreadlocks and braids.

The frequency of washing your dreadlocks is additionally crucial: it’s a long way generally recommended to scrub your hair at regular intervals, as an illustration, once every four days.
We additionally expose you to not secure carried away with utilizing cleansers and reduce their employ to an acceptable minimal.

Instructions for washing dreadlocks

In expose to successfully racy and never hurt your dreadlocks and braids, you would possibly perhaps employ these uncomplicated instructions:
1) Lightly wet your dreadlocks in the shower. Thunder a minute quantity of detergent. For the most efficient raise out, we imply utilizing shampoo that is with out say washed off the hair and would not leave a film. Shampoo containing a bunch of silicones will not be honest for dreadlocks and braids.

2) Voice a minute quantity of shampoo to the scalp between the dreadlocks. Exfoliate your pores and skin totally to rob away impurities.

3) Leave the cleanser on for about a minutes, then simply rinse it off with warmth water. If essential, re-treat some areas of the high. But don't overdo it, otherwise you menace detrimental and fluffing the strands of your dreadlocks.

4) We conclude not imply utilizing hair dryers or varied electrical devices to dry dreadlocks, as they would possibly be able to additionally hurt the dreadlocks. Correct wrap them in a towel and let them dry

We additionally conclude not imply sporting dreadlocks for bigger than 2 months. After braiding dreadlocks, wear them for 1.5 – 2 months. Afterwards, it’s a long way generally recommended to offer your head a damage for a pair of days and then you would possibly perhaps braid them all once more.

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