THIN  Dreadlock Extensions –  single ended synthetic dreadlocks.  24 inches/ 61cm lengthy
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Label: $23.99GBP

THIN Single ended dreadlock extensions in seven various shades including:

-Bleach Blonde
-Sandy Blonde
-Honey Blonde
-Darkish Brown
-Darkish Auburn/ Reddy Brown

PENCIL THIN – around 5mm thick
Length: 24 inches/ 61cm

Discipline cloth: Kanekalon

Label entails 10 particular particular person dreadlock extensions. If extra dreadlocks are wanted please add a entire lot of amounts to your basket.

These can even be braided in to your hair for a non everlasting stare or extinct to completely lengthen your true dreadlocks.

These dreadlock extensions are made the utilization of the backcomb and crochet methodology. In incompatibility to some extensions which that you just would be in a position to most certainly also ranking, these possess no longer been curved/ sealed so that they’re very lengthy lasting and sturdy. They are able to also in actuality feel a tad stiff to originate with nonetheless will soften over time from sporting and washing.

For a elephantine head 50-60 dreadlocks is immediate.

Please expose that various shows/screens can characterize colors a small bit differently. For those that will delight in extra images please send a message 🙂

Take a look at out our Dreadlock Set up Equipment for every part or no longer it’s a ways vital to set up them!

Ready to ship!

Please be attentive to your country’s customs prices if ordering from outdoors the united kingdom.

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