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Note: $12.95GBP

*****The Terror Bead Shop*****

★ An ravishing shroomy solid oak dread bead.

★ Recycled from an veteran Oak worktop!

★ In my idea hand crafted, these beads are itemizing as single listings.

★ Hand reduce, hand lathed, hand sanded.

★ Laser engraved minute toadstool mushrooms with huge intricate border tell top and bottom.

★ Completed with 3 beneficiant layers of particular satin varnish to present protection to the art work.

★ Approx 35cm in length

★ Hole dimension 9mm

★ Made with like especially for The Terror Bead Shop by our chums up the avenue from Eden Valley Workshop, Kris and Anna. These beads are performed to a excessive fashioned.

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