Viking Gray Silver dreads braids | grey clip in Dreadlocks  | Viking wedding hair/ synthetic dreads – Viking competition hair/ competition dreads
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Value: $35.00GBP

Gray competition dreads and braids
On the spot Excellent-looking Nordic Prolonged Gray and silver vogue locs. In a position to position on clip in Dreads and braids mixes synthetic Handcrafted faux dreadlocks, hair wraps ,twists and braids.

*Full units are no longer on clips however on a ponytail band *

*Mångata “ In English, when we gaze a ray of moonlight, or the reflection of the moon on water, we would possibly perchance perchance employ the be aware ‘moonbeam’, however in Swedish mångata translates to ‘the toll road-treasure reflection of the moon on water’. Måne is the be aware for ‘moon’ and gata is the be aware for ‘toll road’ or ‘toll road’, so collectively they form mångata (‘moon

The locs are pre looped attached to a clip (or ponytail – bigger units ) for an instantaneous versatile coiffure ,that can also furthermore be ancient free , as a messy bun or a stunning decorated bun for particular times .Is infrequently a high or low pony tail that can give the cease of partial locs and braided hair, with out peril braided in to absorb hair to be ancient as a mountainous single or bunches vogue braid/ french /dutch plait.So Easy to position in and take grasp of out and hasty ! The non permanent locs allow the convenience of a astronomical hair vogue with out the scalp tension that permanent locs infrequently space off.

Readily accessible in quad to clips as a pair or single clip, a paunchy space of 25 , and furthermore as a smaller pony tail of 10 locs. Or as single ended or double ended locs ( Braid intoYour absorb hair)
”Mångata ”has a stunning charming look A diversity of nordic blonde locs. A Ravishing Sumptuous mix of Viking vogue handcrafted locs .

A Simplistic combination of hand crafted braids, twists, crisscross hair wraps and dreadlocks. Embellished with metal beads, charms .and shetland tweed Wool.

Every hair clip, Full space of 25 or 10 banded pony tails are consistently unusual however have an very perfect constant likeness to the coloration picks in photos .
Clip in hair locs come in minimum of 4 locs on a snap clip.
Locs are assorted lengths to give a pure layer cease, locs range between 45cm to 55cm approximately.

Please gaze my Loxy Hollows shop for the paunchy range of
“ mångata ”

*Furthermore accessible in a paunchy space!*

The paunchy space includes a mix of roughly 25 braids & locks on a ponytail band-
Attach money by ordering a pair of clips.

Uk vendor hasty and efficient dispatch infrequently inner 1 week of orders (rather then customized made)

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