Wool double ended single ended blonde dreads merino dreadlocks
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Impress: $42.00USD

Wool double ended or single ended dreads + beads

You can settle the amount and invent of dreads within the itemizing alternatives

Lenght: Forty five – 50 cm (17,7-19,6 inches)

Thickness: 0.3-0.4 go (0,7-1 cm)

Colour: blonde

Whenever you like to web only a few dreadlocks as an accent – 5-15 DE (or 10 – 20 SE) dreads could possibly be enough
Whenever you web a mohawk – you wish 30 – 40 DE ( or 40 – 50 SE ) dreads
Whenever you need dreads for beefy head – you wish 60 DE ( or 80 SE ) dreads

Wool dreads could possibly be gentle-weight and gay to your hair. You need to possibly be in a position to forget referring to the discomfort that hair presents. Wool are gentle and pleasurable to the contact. You can freely bend, tangle and bind wool dreads.

Be mindful!
Colours dreadlocks could possibly also neutral vary by 1-2 heaps, in diverse monitors settings.

Whenever you like to web to repeat a various quantity, measurement, and colours of dreadlocks, it’s likely you’ll demand me about „Custom-made Divulge “

Made with treasure to wool dreads ❤

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