Wool double ended single ended dreadlocks purple and yellow lemon merino dreadlocks extensions save clean boho fashion dreads
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Wool double ended or single ended dreads
Which that you simply would possibly maybe possible settle the amount and fashion of dreads within the list ideas

Lenght: Forty five – 50 cm (17,7-19,6 inches)
50 – 60 cm (19,6-23,6 inches)

Thickness: 0.3-0.4 hotfoot (0,7-1 cm)

Color: purple and yellow lemon

In stutter for you ideal a few dreadlocks as an accent – 5-15 DE (or 10 – 20 SE) dreads shall be ample
For these that could maybe indulge in a mohawk – you will need 30 – 40 DE ( or 40 – 50 SE ) dreads
For these that settle on dreads for stout head – you will need 60 DE ( or 80 SE ) dreads

Wool dreads shall be lightweight and chuffed for your hair. You are going to neglect regarding the discomfort that hair offers. Wool are clean and pleasant to the contact. Which that you simply would possibly maybe possible freely bend, tangle and bind wool dreads.

Colors dreadlocks could maybe fluctuate by 1-2 tons, in various monitors settings.

In stutter for you to stutter a various quantity, dimension, and colors of dreadlocks, you will set up a request to me about „Custom Portray “

Made with love to wool dreads ❤

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