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Label: $60.00USD

Wool double ended or single ended dreads + beads

Chances are high you’ll perhaps resolve the amount and make of dreads within the listing alternate choices

Lenght: 45 – 50 cm (17,7-19,6 inches)
50 – 60 cm (19,6-23,6 inches)

Thickness: 0.3-0.4 scuttle (0,7-1 cm)

Colour: brown, Irish cream, blond, cream, sandy braids, Senegals, dreadlocks, hand-blended, bandage, beads, bones, shells as a present

While you love to enjoy only about a dreadlocks as an accent – 5-15 DE (or 10 – 20 SE) dreads will seemingly be sufficient
When that you just can enjoy gotten a mohawk – you wish 30 – 40 DE ( or 40 – 50 SE ) dreads
While you desire dreads for chunky head – you wish 60 DE ( or 80 SE ) dreads

Wool dreads will seemingly be lightweight and pleased to your hair. Chances are high you’ll perhaps omit concerning the discomfort that hair gives. Wool are soft and relaxing to the contact. Chances are high you’ll perhaps freely bend, tangle and bind wool dreads.

Endure in mind!
Colours dreadlocks may perhaps well also just differ by 1-2 heaps, in assorted shows settings.

While you love to enjoy to boom a assorted amount, size, and colours of dreadlocks, that you just can ask of me about „Personalized Bid “

Made with adore to wool dreads ❤

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